Labour Left fightback continues in Liverpool Riverside CLP


The SKWAWKBOX has covered the shameful treatment of Liverpool Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) by its right-wing members, which mirrors that of Wallasey CLP just across the river.

The CLP had a branch/delegate structure imposed on it by Labour’s regional HQ against the wishes of its members that is more easily controlled by a right-wing minority – and results in the first branches to elect delegates confirmed fears that the right had organised to control those selections, while a move via the affiliated Co-operative Party on Merseyside crowbarred 5 more right-wing delegates onto the ‘General Committee’ full CLP meetings.

But the CLP’s Left started to organise and fight back, achieving a very encouraging set of results in the next batch of delegate selections – and more news just in looks more positive still. Here’s what a CLP member told this blog:

Central got 4 out of five delegates, chair, secretary drew on 11-11 (rerun expected).

St Michaels swept the board except for Youth Delegate (they couldn’t identify a candidate in time).  Right were consistently outvoted by up to 53 to 25.  The left around Sefton Park seemed to have had something up their sleeve and they are just warming up.

There’s a lot more to do but it certainly looks like we have the right-wingers’ feathers ruffled.

The task is anything but complete, but the progress made is an example to CLPs across the country of what can be achieved when the Left organises to match the right so that its superior numbers can take effect.

This information needs to get out to Labour members nationwide, to encourage the discouraged and so that CLPs can organise before they’re caught out and don’t need to recover from an unexpected move to disenfranchise them.

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8 responses to “Labour Left fightback continues in Liverpool Riverside CLP

  1. It was a good night in St Michaels!🌟
    Our Branch has 8 CLP delegates (the other Riverside Branches have 5-7) with all our delegate places going to Left candidates, as well as all of our Branch Officer places!

    We will hopefully be in a good position when all the new delegates elect the CLP executive committee, where some right-wing candidates have been nominated by other Branches (I’m doing my best to get to grips with the new Branch structure).
    If I recall (maybe someone will correct me), the nomination for CLP Ethnic Minorities Officer will follow shortly as it was left off the agenda by mistake; I’m fairly confident that the Left’s candidate will be nominated by our Branch.
    It was orderly and comradely as expected, and overseen by someone from the Regional Office due to the allegations made by our MP!..
    It’s vital that all you lovely people attend such meetings! Thanks to the SKWAWKBOX for helping to turn things around in Riverside by getting the word out. 🌹

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  2. We should never lose sight of the fact that what we are up against is the take over of the Labour Party by the Zionists within it so that Jeremy Corbyn, from the position of Prime Minister, never gets the chance to criticise Israel’s appalling treatment of the Palestinians.

    The hypocrisy of seeing Ken Livingstone being charged with bringing the Labour Party into disrepute for stating a historical fact, when it was the staged and bullying outburst of John Mann which needs to be sanctioned, is a disgrace.

    It just illustrates how deeply the Labour Party has been infiltrated by those whose loyalties lie elsewhere and who are determined, no matter what the cost to our electoral chances, to try and destroy anyone who opposes them. Iain McNicol can see what is happening and is either stupid or complicit. Whatever the reason, he is now a dangerous liability to the Labour Party and he should resign, along with his cohort Tom Watson.


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    • You find the truth scary? You need to be a little more observant and recognise the scale of the problem brought about by Blair’s acquiescence to the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ who are most definitely not Labour Friends of Labour!


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