RCN member? Have your say on the nurses’ rip-off pay offer

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If you are a nurse and a member of the RCN (Royal College of Nursing), the RCN is holding a ballot on the government’s derisory pay offer, which has been described as ‘barely a pay deal at all’. The RCN has endorsed the deal, but nursing and NHS activists are recommending rejection.

To cast your vote, have your RCN log-in details ready and click here. Voting closes at 11pm on Tuesday 5 June 2018.

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  1. But javid ‘gets it’ when it comes to the old bill.

    So just like the 80’s (when thatcher’s need for them was paramount) plod will ‘cop’ for a payrise of worth; and once again there’ll be no magic money tree for the nurses.

    Just wait and see…

  2. As a former nurse and UNISON rep, both the RCN and UNISON have failed their members in the NHS consistently and persistently.

    How do I know this? I worked for one of these Unions, persistent complaints from members of inability to reach assistance when needed from full time officers leading to local branch officers often fighting cases with one arm tied behind their backs.
    Its time for a Union which actually represents Nurses instead of inert ones who are disinterested.

    The reason why ministers go running to the Police Federation is because they actually back their words up with action..

    UNISON and the RCN have more influence than they actually believe, its time they actually used it to save the NHS.

    If they actually called Hunt’s bluff and pursued industrial action then with the public support behind them nurses could actually get the salaries their training, experience and dedication merits.

    Until both Unions leadership used their industrial power and resources, then I’m afraid nurses and other NHS staff will forever struggle with crap pay and conditions.

    1. Just like yourself, I to was a Steward, but I got the backing of the membership, unlike some in the UNION you represented!
      I was unfettered at the time before Thatcher and Tebbits law cut OFF the BALLS of the UNIONS!
      Then along came TORY BLAIR, who did JACK to rectify the abortion that the Tories made of their hell bent ideology to get rid of the MINERS UNION AND CLOSE THE PITS, NO MATTER THE COST TO US THE TAXPAYER!
      Since that time The smaller UNIONS have been HOGTIED with what they can do!
      That being their mistake of staying with their lot, instead of making one single UNION in the Country, then we as a single entity could screw this government to the ground!
      They would have to sit up and take notice of the working majority of this Country!
      Instead we are being ruled by a Government that has now a 20% majority voting public!
      Yet, they, under their rules and laws demand that strikes are illegal unless over 50% of the membership votes to go on strike!
      I call this sort of Governance a Dictatorship, in some ways, that they can call the shots with such a weak majority!

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