Hodges leaps to defend McKenzie misogyny – and doubles down

Tory commentator Dan Hodges never wastes an opportunity to have a pop at Corbyn’s Labour – and has an uncanny track record for getting it completely wrong.

He doesn’t let that discourage him – as can be seen by his readiness to excuse the vilest misogyny this evening.

Labour First trainer and Lewisham East CLP chair Ian McKenzie is the target of dismay and disgust over tweets – including one about Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry – making unpleasant reference to sex-slavery, the sale of women and beheading.

Cue Hodges, jumping in to try to paint this perfectly proper disgust as Corbynite stalinism after McKenzie’s right-wing faction supposedly ‘won’ Saturday’s selection for the Lewisham East by-election – even though ‘their’ candidate voted for Jeremy Corbyn in both leadership elections:

hodges mck

Hodges never seems afraid to shovel harder when he’s dug himself into a hole, so when he was confronted with the even worse evidence of McKenzie’s vile social media output, he opted, of course, to double down rather than retract and apologise:

hodges mck1

The more relevant question is why Hodges – who received a thorough roasting earlier this year at the Twitter-hands of author Alex Nunns – is ever considered a suitable ‘talking head’ by broadcasters and whether they will avoid such foolishness in future now that Hodges has identified himself as an apologist for misogyny.

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  1. Dan Hodges is so consumed by his inexplicable hatred of the Labour leader and Labour membership that he is now openly siding with and defending a mysoginist who has posted completely unacceptable and tweets about the shadow Foreign Secretary being beheaded and thrown into a mass grave.

    Absolutely shocking behaviour from Mr Hodges. He has really crawled into the gutter this time.

    His defence of this despicable individual is obscene.

    1. That is a fair point.

      On reflection, it is more a case of from the gutter to the sewer.

    2. Yes, he has left the gutter! He’s been washed down into the sewer with the rest of the crap!

  2. I just can’t understand why both are allowed to remain in the party, the tweet by McKenzie was abhorrent it made me feel sick to my stomach. DISGUSTING little man, who should go back to the gutter where he belongs.

  3. Matt Pound on Labour List dot org today:
    “How Janet Daby Won The Lewisham East Selection Race”

    Self-congratulatory puff piece about how he helped her win that I just stumbled across but it raised some questions. Asking would have meant registering so I’m asking here 🙂

    Did she have to promise never to vote for JC again?
    Did he or they convince her of the unworkability of socialist policies – while presumably convincing her of the genuine benefits of Auntie Margaret’s, Auntie Tony’s and Auntie May’s discredited neoliberalism?

    If not did she just accept help from whoever offered it and laugh at them behind their backs?

  4. I just read that twitter feed of Alex Nunns completely beasting hodges…

    Cor, lummee! But I was almost begging hodges to stay down for 10, but when it was plain he wasn’t going to, I thought ‘Nah, twunt deserves it (and more)’.

    Seems old habits die hard with hodges. Either that, or his inability to learn/ woeful lack of social skills and awareness prevent him from understanding he’s having his arse handed to him.

    Even amoebas learn & evolve.

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