Petition launched: Labour MPs to debate LFI censure after massacre apologism

Following widespread outrage about the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) response to the massacre of almost sixty unarmed protesters and the wounding of thousands more, Labour members have launched a petition calling on the party’s MPs to debate censure of the group, which is not an official Labour Party affiliate:

change lfi.png

LFI’s initial response to the killing of Palestinians was to point the finger of blame at Palestinians and away from those firing the bullets. That statement was subsequently deleted, but too late to prevent revulsion.

To sign the petition, visit its homepage here.

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  1. Please can you also call for a petition for transparancy and open debate on why Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) support Israel at any cost and why Britain continues to send millions of pounds worth or arms components which are being used against innocent unarmed palestinians.

    1. Whilst I sympathise with you, I think we have enough shit to shovel in our own party without trying to empty the cess pit that is the Conservative Party.
      Whataboutery is never useful.

  2. Nothing TO ‘debate’.

    LFI have already shown their hand and called for the expulsion from the party of anyone what dares to put them under any sort of close scrutiny or criticism.

    If the party haven’t got the cojones to publicly disassociate themselves immediately and entirely and proscribe the group then they’re not worthy of my vote anymore. I’m getting fair sick of the handwringing and treading on eggshells when it comes to the ‘hardcore’ jewish minority and the right of the party whining about antisemitism while putting out s**te like they have done.

    Get it sorted; and get it sorted yesterday.

    Oh, and for any toerags reading this – I’m not a Labour member, and have no plans to be until factions like this (and the cooperative) are expunged.

  3. I don’t disagree with the general outrage against the bloodshed but it’s not as clear cut as people seem to think.

    If Palestinians chose to co-exist with Israel instead of wanting to wipe it out, they could have their own province within the state of Israel and be part of a modern democracy (the only one in the region) – with all the benefits that come with that.

    A completely separate independent Palestinian state would simply be another backward, authoritarian dictatorship governed by sharia law – with all that implies for women, gays, non-muslims, ex-muslims, children, animals, peace etc. Life is never starkly black and white.

    1. I assume this is not click-bait – although it suspiciously looks like one…

      My response to the ‘points’ raised i your post:

      ‘…it’s not clear cut as people seem to think’…meaning the bloodshed. Are you saying it’s not clear that people are dead?

      ‘…they could have their own province within the State of Israel’
      And completely disregard the two-state solution, is that what you are saying? +-11-million Palestinian Arabs vs. +-6-million ‘Israelis’. I will go for that, if the Israelis are agreeable, and let’s see who will be a ‘province’ within whose state.

      ‘…modern democracy (the only one in the region)’. Apartheid South Africa was billed as one – for Whites Only.

      ‘… independent Palestinian state will simply be backward, etc.’
      Same argument used against granting independence to former British colonies – like India.

      1. Hello, Stewart. You seem to have issues with rational debate. That is your prerogative.

        My opening words make it clear I’m against the bloodshed. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not so clear cut. I don’t have a definitive answer to it but my mind is open to whatever answers might be out there.

        Apartheid in South Africa has nothing to do with this discussion. I’ve nothing against former colonies getting independence. You’re introducing a lot of red herrings to distract from the actual debate.

        I am opposed to islamic governments because of their ruthless oppression of women, ex-muslims, gays and a host of other people. Under Sharia law there are no human rights. I support human rights. Quite simple really.

    2. You hate muslims and love Marine Le Pen so, as far as I’m concerned, your views are worthless.

  4. Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro (True Torah Jews) speaking about US recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people, following Trump’s announcement some months back.

    It’s a good and concise explanation of relationships between Judaism, Zionism, Christian Evangelicalism, holy sites and state capitals.

    Includes some (withering) humour too.

  5. Naura Eraket (a Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer, in a brilliant CBS interview – see You Tube) argues that the focus on Hamas by Israel and the Right is “A scarecrow” and the real question is why Israel won’t talk. NE suggests unlike any other countries where refugees have a right to return (but not in Israel) are the Right Wing Israeli Govt. trying to maintain a religious, ethnic supremacy, and when she said the Palestinians “Wanted freedom!” it brought a tear to my eye.
    Watch this then let the World unite to force change in this region in partnership with the oppressed. Freedom 4 Palestinians!

    1. Yes a superb interview, well worth watching.

      Peter Oborne: “How the UK’s wall of silence gives Israel impunity for its actions”.

      It says a lot when conservative journalists (Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchens) are doing a far better job questioning Tory foreign policy than many Labour MPs!

      In my view the two state solution is no longer an option or practical due to facts established on the ground by Israeli colonies, Jewish only roads and walls that cover much of Palestinian illegally occupied territory. UN is going to have to discuss this sooner or later and Israel is going to have to face it.

  6. Perhaps we need a resolution supported everywhere calling for fresh talks and FREEDOM 4 PALESTINIANS!

  7. The border communities that the IDF were so desperate to protect are, to the best of my knowledge, quite well armed themselves.
    There are probably fewer armed civilians than in the past but military service by conscription is still the norm and I’ve read that border communities still get firearms licenses without difficulty.
    Well trained and well armed, the residents aren’t exactly defenceless.

    This should have been a police not a military action with live fire an absolute last resort.
    Those were executions for political purposes, not self defence.

  8. I saw with my own eyes, the soldiers, shooting, Palestinian civilians on my TV!
    Not once did I see any Palestinian Civilians shooting back with any live ammunitions, only slings and stones!
    Who’s culpable of war crimes?
    I write that, in the full knowledge that we did in Northern Ireland!
    Which I for one, found it disgusting at that time.
    What they’ve done, is put back a two state solution forever!
    The “JEWS” have no interest in sharing the land they call PALESTINE! Bit by bit they encroach on this land till eventually, it will be no longer a place for the Palestinians to call home!

  9. A significant historical change is often crystallised in one moment or action and perhaps Naura Erakret’s brilliant analysis in her CBS interview (see You Tube) is hopefully one such moment. Perhaps in all the mess and chaos in the region a star was born. The World should demand Israel talk and Freedom 4 Palestinians!

  10. Thanks for pointing to Noura Erakat’s CBS News interview Bazza – she’s an extraordinarily impressive person isn’t she?
    I can’t imagine anyone being a better champion of and advocate for the Palestinian people.
    She should be their first president.

  11. More details immerge regarding Israel’s war crimes

    Medical teams in Gaza also came under attack. Paramedic Musa Abuhassanin was fatally shot in the chest and 18 health personnel were injured, including Canadian-Palestinian doctor Tarek Loubani who was shot in both legs. Seven ambulances were damaged after they were targeted with tear gas canisters.

  12. The view of the massacre from inside Israel. Gideon Levy who writes for Hareetz via John Pilger.com.

    “Sixty dead in Gaza and the end of Israeli conscience”

    We are all complicit because we cannot force our political class to lift a finger to stop the horror and worse that will come due to our complicity. Some humanitarian ‘democracy’ eh? That’s British values for you, make no mistake, we remain a Capitalist empire in thought and deed which is now part of a western led barbaric imperial complex.
    In fact UK is not even a democracy, it is a constitutional monarchy and boy haven’t we been reminded over the weekend.

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