Video: May’s freudian slip: “We will get the best deal for the Europ-“

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Theresa May was completely out of her depth during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions). So much so that media including the BBC had to admit she her performance was a ‘shambles’ completely lacking in answers to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s searching questions – and the Deputy Speaker got confused about which party leader is the Prime Minister.

May grew increasingly flustered as her grilling progressed and frequently stumbled over her words. But she also made a very telling ‘freudian slip’.

May had just listed a handful of supposed ‘achievements’ by her government in its negotiations with the EU – but they were all tiny steps of ‘progress on paper’ that were almost immediately completely undone by the Tories’ incompetence and disunity, or by May’s subservience to the DUP or the Tories’ own hard-Brexiters.

Five years ago, then-PM David Cameron made a similar slip when he told MPs the Tories were busy getting ‘more money for the rich’.

May’s slip – that the Tories will get the best deal for the European Union – was quickly corrected, but not quickly enough to hide the obvious.

The truth will out, they say – even from a serially dishonest Prime Minister when under pressure.

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  1. Yes nice Freudian slip, sums up divided Neo-Liberal Capital – back to the 1900’s and National Neo-Liberal Capitalism or Global 21stC Neo-Liberal Capitalism?
    And the former set capitalist nation against capitalist nation but Neo-Liberal Capital knows only one God – profits by Cheap Labour so will kind-hearted Neo-Liberal Capitalist Trump bring car production back to the US at 30 dollars an hour rather than pay workers in Mexico 8 dollars an hour – I somehow doubt it?
    And petty trade tariffs can be met by the tariffs of others so we all lose and 60% of companies in China are foreign owned (95% of US companies are US owned) and China holds 1 trillion dollars plus of US debt and for example re Iran one of the North Sea Oil fields is 50% owned by an Iranian company.
    So what this all shows is the rich and powerful are split and as Wolfgang Streekt argued (with quantitative easing buying time) “They haven’t a clue what to do.”
    But we on the Left do, state led-public (to feed the private sector supply chain), end pay freezes (working people can buy more commodities), have Windfall Taxes Big Business (get more of our legally nicked wealth back), close tax havens and tax loopholes by corporations (brings in billions), then pay off debt and capital loses its power.
    Just think it took 20 years for Neo-Liberalism to capture the Tories (Thatcher had to be sat in a room by Keith Joseph and others and taught it) and Thatcher used North Sea Oil politically to smash trade unions and bring in the age of Finance Capital and Cheap Labour, meanwhile Norway kept their oil for their people and now has a trillion dollar Wealth Fund!
    Just imagine if the Left then had understood what was going on with Neo-Liberalism and could have then offered imaginative alternatives, we didn’t then, but we do now and can now.
    Go for Brexit, a customs union, democratically manage labour supply (migrants needing job offers and bring back council migrant adjustment funds) and manage capital supply and Labour can win.
    The problem is some think of the EC now as it used to be and not what it is now – like the Tories captured by Neo-Liberalism!

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