Video: Dep Speaker’s freudian slip as May grows increasingly flustered and tongue-tied

pmqs freud

Theresa May grew – as usual – increasingly flustered and strident under Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s questioning during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions).

So marked was this loss of composure that the Deputy Speaker running today’s session made what appeared to be a significant ‘freudian slip’. See if you can spot it:

May’s response to Corbyn’s question on a debate of trade and customs agreements was lamentably weak, as the supposed progress she tried to refer to – which, of course, had nothing to do with the question asked – is all rendered meaningless by the fact that the Ireland/Northern Ireland border question, which is one of the key components of any trade and customs agreement, is as far from a solution as ever.

So far, in fact, that at the weekend ITV’s Robert Peston even claimed it was part of Ireland’s supposed ‘undermining’ of British governments for well over a hundred years. Not to mention the fact that the hard-Brexiters even on her front benches consider anything resembling May’s supposed ‘agreements’ with the EU on the issue as treachery.

And as EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier keeps reminding everyone: nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

So much at sea – not waving but drowning – does May look that the Deputy Speaker’s freudian confusion is entirely excusable. Even Huffington Post’s Paul Waugh seems to agree:

There is only one Prime Ministerial figure in the House of Commons at the moment. And today he was wearing a red tie.

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  1. It’s being renamed PM Question no Answer time with May in the hotseat! Meanwhile, back in the BBC Studio not one comment about her lamentable session. All that happened was Neil trying to shut the discussion down when May”s performance was broached!

    1. It’s not a new phenomenon. Cameron never answered a meaningful Labour question

  2. May also made a Freudian slip… “and we will get the best deal for the Euro …UK”

  3. I watched pmq live today and it gave me great pleasure to watch May flounder lime a fish out of water 😃

    … ..And calling J.C. Priminister, lol

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