Urgent: CLP nominations for NEC – make sure to get yours in before deadline

Amid the local election campaigns, Windrush scandal and other issues going on, the NEC elections have fallen out of the eyeline of many Labour members, but they are no less crucial than they’ve ever been since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.

All nine ‘CLP’ representatives – those who directly represent the Labour Party membership – are up for election this summer and it’s vital that members engage with the process, spread awareness and ensure maximum turnout.

The candidate slate for the left to support consists of Yasmine Dar, Huda Elmi, Rachel Garnham, Ann Henderson, Claudia Webbe, Navendu Mishra, Darren Williams, Peter Willsman and Jon Lansman:


CLPs (constituency Labour parties) need to communicate their nominations to Labour HQ no later than 22 June – and those organised on a branch basis need to complete their branch nominations in time for their next full CLP meeting to get nominations in on time.

The continued impetus of Labour as a genuine alternative to Tory government depends on the left organising to maintain control of the NEC. The right will certainly be organising to try to take it.

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  1. I will not vote for Lansman,his actions with Momentum and his failure to come out fighting on the expulsions are not acceptable to me.I will have to look carefully at alternatives.

    1. I too have gone off Lansman. Recent developments seem to indicate that he is more interested in securing his own power base than pursuing justice for persecuted brethren. He has it all to prove.

      1. Doesn’t matter what you think of any individual candidate. Hold your nose and vote. This is bigger than any individual – and a protest vote risks opening the door to a Progress/Lab First candidate

    2. agree with SB comment on this . Lansman is way better than ANY progress or RW on the NEC . SO yup register your protest here on the comments then IMHO vote the heck out of the LW inc Lansman to get them onto tthe NEC and secure support for us and JC

      1. Wow! We really are straying into Stalinist territory aren’t we? “Yes, he’s a self obsessed power freak, but he’s our self obsessed power freak!”
        No thanks. Most of us out here back Corbyn because of his integrity. If you fill the NEC with manipulative weasels you will lose us. Be told!

  2. Surely there is someone better than Lansman to nominate. Even on the night of the local elections he was criticising Corbyn for not doing enough about anti-Semitism.

  3. I fully agree with all these sentiments about Lansman who has now brought his poodle (how else could you describe the NCG decision) Momentum to heal on the side of the 5th column working to oust Jeremy. What about the rest of the ‘slate’ (now a toxic word). Sorry to say I have not heard a word from any of them since they were elected. So much for accountability!. The only NEC members I know who do so are Pete Willsman (past his sell-by date IMO) and Ann Black who was involved in the theft of members’ votes (freeze date debacle) and implicated in contentious disciplinary decisions. And finally, take a look at all their apple pie and motherhood election addresses. Not a single pledge or issue mentioned. Squeaky clean of content. Just who are Labour socialists expected to vote for?

  4. I to am wary of lansmans actions seems he fails ti realise that People join Momentum to support Jeremy Corbyn not to support John Lansman and his Jumping on the anti semetic bandwagon he seems to have missed what he is supposed to be about and put his own interests above those of the membership and cause he proffesses to represents.

  5. Can I remind people that we got here by unity? We are still not there yet. We must continue the unity which binds us together. Think who the enemy is

    1. ‘pimatters’ as well as the Tories, we have enemies within who have no intention of unifying under Jeremy Corbyn.

      1. Indeed and why it’s important to shut out any Progress/Lab First candidates. If anyone needs reminding and you can stomach it, watch Umunna twist the knife tonight. I’m guessing the Lewisham East byelection will be interesting also.

    2. We got here because hundreds of thousands of young people bundled into the Party to elect a man of integrity. Now we have a handful of slippery apparatchiks telling us we have to have unity with them. Asked to choose between Lansman and Ummuna? ‘frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!’

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