Video: big push for radical RMT to re-affiliate to Labour Party


The RMT (National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) is widely recognised as one of the more radical – and rapidly growing – unions in the UK. In 2004, it disaffiliated from the Labour Party because of its dissatisfaction with right-wing policies of Tony Blair.

Its members have now been offered the opportunity to vote to re-affiliate, in recognition of the Labour Party’s new direction under Jeremy Corbyn – and its branches have until 18 May to meet and vote on the issue.

The re-affiliation of the RMT would be a sore blow to the right wing of the Labour Party. With 83,000 members and a strong track record of fighting for its members rights and wellbeing it will strengthen the left’s hand and have a serious argument for at least one NEC delegate.

Labour MP Chris Williamson has released a video laying out the compelling reasons for RMT members to organise and vote for the move – not least, Labour’s hugely popular plans to renationalise the UK’s rail services and the party’s support for the RMT’s similarly popular ‘Keep the Guard on the Train’ campaign, as well as the chance to influence the next Labour manifesto:

Watch and share this video to make sure RMT members are aware of the vote and the convincing reasons to support the re-affiliation.

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  1. The Labour Party membership is playing its part in supporting the leadership of the party but we are under attack from right wing extremists and need the support of left wing unions to return a Labour government.

    We need the RMT to reaffiliate to help achieve that objective.

    It is time for the RMT to return home.

  2. Yes come and join us Brothers and Sisters and the last time I was on a train I told the Guard I supported them.
    Without Guards Disabled people could feel vulnerable and who is to say men and women passengers could not be attacked without them plus if there is ever a problem on a train there are more hands to help!
    Come on in Brothers and Sisters, you will be very welcome and HELP LABOUR UNDER JC MAKE HISTORY!

  3. Without the Unions the Labour Party would not exist, I was admiring of the RMT for opposing Blair and believe that it should now re-affiliate.
    We should not however be naïve about the Unions. Back in the day they were not seen by many of us as being wholly supportive of the socialist cause. They frequently pursued their own interests at the expense of others and were notoriously indifferent to the plight of the unemployed and the disadvantaged. With the advent of OMOV there is room for change, the Unions must be encouraged to become full partners in the socialist project, to represent the many not the few, including the unemployed and the unemployable. Everyone should be encouraged to join a Union and receive full representation and support in all their endeavors.

    1. “They frequently pursued their own interests at the expense of others and were notoriously indifferent to the plight of the unemployed and the disadvantaged.”

      Yes, and the PCS (You reading this serwotka?) STILL ARE. In fact, they have COLLUDED with the toerags and REFUSED to do anything about sanctions or WCA’s and gladly accepted sh*tting on that sector of society in order to receive £25 m&s vouchers or even easter eggs as bonuses for doing so.

      At least the RMT (currently) have passenger’s safety as a fallback argument whether they care about them or not. The PCS are total sh*tbags and should be ostracized by anyone with a soul.

  4. Footnote – the Guards dispute is typical Tory Neo-Liberalism seeking cheaper labour with less staff (One Person Operated Trains) and this I understand was written into the new franchise contracts.
    Once again Neo-Liberalism and the Tories demonstrating they know the price of everything AND THE VALUE OF NOTHING!

  5. Never been sure about unions. We definitely need to be organised to fight our corner and without unions there’d have been no Labour Party – but when unions compete with each other they’re open to be used by the bosses to divide, rule and dismiss us as incapable of self-determination.
    One massive union fighting for all employed and unemployed people – that would be something.
    But that’s what Labour is for.

  6. There are, but few unions who use their strength of members against each other!
    Of which, I was a member for two years, of one in particular.
    This Union I write of is an abomination, to us on the Socialist Left of our party!
    It leans to far right to be considered as a friend!
    I for one wouldn’t consider it for a moment being affiliated, yet it does back certain Labour MPs, which I find is tantamount to the rot that the Right Leaning in our Party Contribute too!

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