McDonald hits Tories over their #RailFail and reaffirms Labour’s nationalisation plans

Labour’s excellent Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald has criticised the Tories over the government’s continuing rail failure. Fares have risen today by their highest amount in five years, in spite of wages remaining behind inflation.

In a video released this morning, McDonald hits out at poor service, cancelled improvements, overcrowding and the Tories massive bailout of the re-privatised East Coast Rail – and the 32% increase in fares under the Tories in spite of real-terms income decline – before reaffirming Labour’s hugely popular commitment to re-nationalise rail services:

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  1. This is a beginning, of course reliant on winning a general election and dealing with the Blairite Tory Lites who still infest Labour’s top echelons! Having said that, how about we see some of the details about re-nationalisation! Plans which are not going to re-introduce a highly centrally controlled public body (for any of the nationalised industries and services) but are going to introduce workers control through real democratisation of the workplace and facilitating genuine community control! thus, removing the need for direct oversight and Control by a massively centralised Governmental bureaucracy! Oh, wouldn’t that be something to get Socialist policies rather than just socialistic words which continue to support Capitalist exploitative economic models which bind us and destroy more lives throughout the world in the name of Private profit!

  2. ….I read the SQ-BOX everyday….love that man who ever the f*** he is….can only afford ten quid a time…..but donated again…3rd or 4th time…can´t remember…but much more importantly—PLLEEEAASSSSE dont give up or let the MSM shite hawks grind you down…you give me hope…..when hope is hard to come by….keep exposing the truth about these heartless, corrupt Tories…

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