Petition to sanction Labour MPs who damage the party close to 11k signatures

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A screenshot of the growing petition’s homepage

A petition asking the Labour Party to sanction Labour MPs who persistently bring the party into disrepute is approaching eleven thousands signatures – and appears to have started climbing rapidly over the last few days.

Members have tired of MPs and others who speak out at the worst times when the party is set to do well.

If you’re at the end of your patience with MPs who seem determined to talk down the party and who are damaging its image and electoral prospects and want to send a message to MPs – and to the party that you’ll support concerted action to deal with the issue – you can find the petition here to sign and share.

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  1. Waste of time-it was started 2 months ago & doesn’t address the specific undermining in these elections.

    Can I suggest we need to target individuals instead and specifically

    1.Those who’ve tweeted or been or radio/TV during the campaign and who’ve talked us down in the month before election day. We need to get specific tweets or comments to complain about, then to the right people and all put our names to a complaint to Jenny Formby or Chief Whip.

    2. MP’s, if Ben Bradley’s experience re JC is anything to go by, are NOT covered by Parliamentary Privilege on Twitter. So, which MP’s

    EITHER falsely accused the counter-demonstration to enoughisenough of being anti-semites or the wrong kind of Jews, ESPECIALLY if the said MP(s) aren’t themselves Jewish?

    OR made the anti-semitic claim about the Marc Wadsworth supporters?

    A lot of work for someone, but if we want to eliminate anti-semitism, and we do, this sort of slander makes it ten times harder to act on.

  2. Get Blair out of our Party . He’s the paymaster with money from Isreal paying the Blairites . REMOVE BLAIR OUT NOW

  3. I haven’t read it yet, but there was an article in The Times yesterday entitled ‘MPs call for inquest as Corbyn fails election test’, and no doubt other right-wing black propaganda rags disseminated the same B/S. Perhaps we should all email said MPs (whoever they are), and ask them to elaborate, and also ask them if they think the demonisation and vilification that JC has been subjected to during the past couple of years or more – and especially in the past three months or so – had an impact on the local election results.

    NB I just tried to access the article but couldn’t (as according to them I’ve had my two free articles this week).

  4. The same ilk of Cooper,Kendall,Woodcock et al who refuse to challenge the Tories politically nor ideologically but should recognise the dynamics of politics have changed in the last decade what with zero hours contracts,widening inequality etc and it requires action from the state to correct these wrongs not the market.
    Instead of attacking the leader,they should be spending more time speaking to members and finding out the mood at the grass roots,instead of using hostile newspapers as an attack base.

    1. Ahhhh but the membership are not those MPs real paymasters just the elite establishment who want another Tory Lite party in power to continue the repression the lower class plebs and to milk the system .

  5. I have just signed it as well, the sooner the likes of Smeeth,Phillips,Mann,Umunna,Kendall, Woodcock are deselected by their respective CLPs for their rank disloyalty the better!

  6. RichJB: members ARE the Labour Party so have a right to say whatever they want. MPs should represent members views so should not undermine the party.

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