Video: Tory minister: small towns are so important we forgot they’re not having elections

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As local election results start to come in, spokespeople from political parties are all over the media to interpret the results. But occasionally, one lets something slip that reveals more than they intended.

So it was tonight with Tory front-bencher Liz Truss.

Ms Truss was trying to persuade Sky News’ Faisal Islam that the Tories care about ‘post-industrial’ towns – which are, of course, largely post-industrial because of Tory policies:

Yes, Truss told Faisal Islam that the Tories wanted to win Middlesbrough in these local elections – even though Middlesbrough is not having any local elections.

The Tories care about post-industrial towns, they claim – so much that they can’t even be bothered remembering which of them have actually been voting this week.

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  1. Post-industrial towns?
    The whole country is post-industrial.
    Effete management, successive governments washing their hands of manufacturing and their grovelling worship of markets which look more and more like Ponzi schemes – without inward investment in property driving price inflation and wrinklies spending equity and early-release pensions on shopping and deposits for grandkids there’d be a huge black hole in the economy.

  2. Thanks for having square eyes last night. This is going the social media rounds in the Boro and across Teesside, and is being picked by the Northern Echo and the Middlesbrough Gazette

  3. The absolute state of the imbecile…I bet she even looked at a map immediately prior to that interview to get the name of a town or city north of Derby…And came up with Middlesbrough.

    Evidently jess phillips has serious competition for the densest (female or overall) mp in parliament.

    I don’t want to appear misogynist, but exactly WHAT have may, rudd, loathesome, truss, greening, mcvile, morgan etc achieved in goverment?

    But especially truss?

    While we’re at it (and for balance), at the same could be said for mizzballs, harman, smith (J), jowell etc – what did they ever do?

    Name me ONE single decent bit of legislature, or one law they’ve brought in that’s benefitted the country – or even politics?

    The only two half decent women of the last 30 years or so in Govt that I can think of were Mo Mowlam and Claire Short – and I wasn’t really a fan of either if I’m honest.

  4. The one consolation here is for the Liberal Democrats as she left the party in the mid-1990s.

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