Labour lost Wandsworth – by 150 votes. In total. Wonder why BBC isn’t mentioning…

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, Theresa May and the Wandsworth Tories behind her looked shell-shocked and afraid as they ‘celebrated’ managing to hold onto a borough they have controlled solidly since 1978:

wandsworth faces

No wonder. They held on by the skin of their teeth.

Across all seats up for election in the whole borough, the total number of votes keeping the Tories in power in Wandsworth was two hundred – or according to some sources, fewer than one hundred and fifty:

faisal wandsw.png

Labour is on course to achieve its best London results since 1971 – and the second best in the party’s history – and its best national results since 1996.

Yet we’re not hearing that from the BBC or most of the ‘MSM’.

We’re not hearing that the Tories escaped complete humiliation in Wandsworth by a handful of votes.

We’re hearing that this is a crisis for Corbyn’s leadership. Wonder why that might be…

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  1. It takes some doing but the BBC Report on the local elections with its massive emphasis on Wandsworth takes the biscuit for the most biased reporting. Even better on the BBC1 News programme this morning the presenter said Labour had lost Barnett which had no overall control prior to this election. Tories rule in the ‘impartial’ BBC..

  2. Jess Phillips just now.. “We have a problem”

    Got the strong impression she thinks Labour should take the low road and go for the populist vote – maybe fly St. George’s flags everywhere.

    1. Yes we have a problem, a group of right wing Labour MPs who are destructive because of in my opinion their lack of ideas, they know what they are against but as poorly read, deeply uncritical thinkers apart from accepting Neo-Liberalism they don’t seem to know what they are for.
      They are entitled to their crumbs for working people approach but I will be voting for a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Labour candidate as a potential MP and would recommend others do the same too.
      As we hopefully transform the UK as an example to the World perhaps only the stars will shine.

  3. To get an honest interpretation of results from the mainstream commentariat is impossible. They are all in the £100,000 plus salary bracket that always support the Tories.

  4. Expect the usual suspects to kick off about Corbyn again. No doubt it is only a matter of time before Corbyn is blamed for the Gunpowder Plot nd the Titanic disaster!

  5. Yes I think people need to realise the Tories captured by Neo-Liberalism like Trump are Barbaraians!
    Time to call these little people of the planet out!

  6. Labour didn’t “lose” Wandsworth, they only just failed to win it from the Tories.

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