Tory aide tweets pic of Tory leaflet accusing Labour of spreading hepatitis

calgie linkedin

Tory parliamentary aide Christian Calgie has shocked Twitter users by tweeting a picture of a West Midlands Tory election leaflet that accuses Labour – of spreading hepatitis in the area:

calgie hep

calgie leaflet.jpg

A different copy of the same leaflet from another tweeter

What have Labour delivered to this ward: Hepatitis.

Mr Calgie’s ambition not to embarrass the party appears likely to be unfulfilled – but his stated wish to expose incompetent Tory centralisation has already come true.

Almost as bizarre is the UKIP column – the leaflet credits them with bringing ‘2 Defibrillators’ and some petitions to the ward.

Stourbridge Tory candidate Kamran Razzaq, according to a local paper

The Tories have suspended a number of candidates for racist or homophobic comments in the last week or two – but this may be a first for this exact smear, assuming the leaflet is genuine.

Conservative HQ has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Two things: who tf is Roger Spencer – and how does such a leaflet get SO badly creased if it was printed for THIS election?
    Appears to have lived in somebody’s wallet for a long time – maybe the kind of thing meant to be passed around occasionally in the pub for a laugh?

  2. easy answer what have tories delivered to this ward:- lack of funding lack of nurses, lack of gp’s, lack of everything, more private beds maybe,a detailed hospital closure plan, in fact has the tory done anything good for the NHS recently, oh yes we had Carillion, enough said, in fact wards getting viruses used to be unheard of till tories took over, we have more isolation type wards with novovirus referred as a winter vomiting bug than ever before and it is not during winter either so if anything is spreading really bad issues within the NHS the TORY needs to take a real deep look at itself and say are we the problem, they will find the answer to be more than just a statistical shock, highly unlikely that anything will happen with a party that is quite content to spend money on a red bus of lies to get there own devious ends met. hopefully Thursday will see a lot of them losing there deposits

  3. No ‘promises gauge’ for UKIP?

    Weird, that – it’s almost as if UKIP don’t matter, so they don’t need one.

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