Video: Williamson on May’s Syria decision: “hearsay, social media and inhumanity”

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Labour MP Chris Williamson appeared last night on Channel 4 News to talk about Theresa May’s decision to pursue military action in Syria without giving MPs a vote.

Presenter Cathy Newman appeared more interested in trying to get a particular soundbite, trying to manoeuvre Williamson into saying fo otage of children in a Douma hospital was faked, but Williamson didn’t fall for it.

Instead, he laid out the clear hypocrisy of May’s eagerness to drop bombs when she has refused to take more Syrian refugees – which would be a genuine humanitarian gesture – and her willingness to accept ‘social media posts and hearsay’ as enough evidence to put our armed forces in harm’s way without a debate in Parliament.

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  1. This morning John Mann gave the game away on Sky News. He said Jeremy Corbyn should expel from the Labour Party any one who uses ‘Zionism’ as an insult. So that’s it then, to refer to anyone who supports Israel’s outrages as Zionists, as far as Mann is concerned, is anti-Semitic.

    Zionists Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth would rather attack Jeremy Corbyn than criticise Israel’s barbarity or our racist war criminal Prime Minister. They are disgraceful, as is John Mann.

  2. That was masterful, wasn’t it? 🙂
    Cathy Newman was the one sitting in a nice warm studio with the questions in front of her but he controlled the interview decisively despite the disadvantages of being outdoors, standing and without notes. They’d probably kept him waiting there for ten minutes.

    He’s very impressive – I hope he’s back on the front bench very soon.

    Newman, on the other hand, was almost as flustered by her failure to goad him into the hoped-for response as she was by her failure to do more than slightly ruffle the practised composure of the quack cod-psychologist Jordan Peterson when he was ripe for the plucking.

    Now THAT was a missed opportunity.

  3. Yes saw this and Chris is a very good communicator.
    Read worrying comment Sky News website (18/4/18) with French Govt saying re the Douma site “it is highly likely that evidence will disappear.”
    But if Robert Fisk is correct (independent 17/4/18) after talking to a local doctor and people on the ground that there was “no gas” then given that this may bringThree Government’s down, is the temptation for some to do the opposite?
    We need to believe local voices verified by independent and critical thinking sources and if the truth is no gas various Govts and their Right Wing media supporters and place men and women will no doubt continue to try to paint black as white.
    “Just Give Us Some Truth” – John Lennon.

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