The 205 Lab MPs who supported Corbyn call for parliament to approve military action

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Today in the House of Commons, after a debate in which a number of centrist back-benchers again disgraced themselves, two hundred and five of Labour’s two hundred and fifty nine MPs backed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s emergency debate for parliamentary approval to be required before the UK launches military action.

Corbyn has been attacked by the Establishment and its media for his measured, law-based stance on the Syria bombings – but it has the approval of almost 80% of the UK public, who did not agree with the decision to launch missile strikes.

Some MPs may have been ‘paired’ – the procedure for an MP of one party to agree not to vote if an MP from the opposing party is absent, for example through illness – but pairing today was minimal.

The MPs who, according to Hansard, supported their leader and the public are listed below, sorted by surname.

If your MP is not in this list, ask them to explain why. (Kelvin Hopkins, who is currently suspended from the ‘whip’ and therefore technically not a Labour MP, also voted with Corbyn):

Abbott, Diane
Abrahams, Debbie
Ali, Rushanara
Allin-Khan, Dr Rosena
Amesbury, Mike
Antoniazzi, Tonia
Ashworth, Jonathan
Bailey, Adrian
Benn, Hilary
Betts, Clive
Blomfield, Paul
Brabin, Tracy
Brennan, Kevin
Brown, Lyn
Brown, Nicholas
Bryant, Chris
Buck, Karen
Burden, Richard
Burgon, Richard
Butler, Dawn
Cadbury, Ruth
Campbell, Alan
Campbell, Ronnie
Carden, Dan
Champion, Sarah
Chapman, Jenny
Charalambous, Bambos
Coaker, Vernon
Cooper, Julie
Cooper, Rosie
Cooper, Yvette
Corbyn, Jeremy
Creagh, Mary
Creasy, Stella
Cruddas, Jon
Cryer, John
Cummins, Judith
Cunningham, Alex
Cunningham, Jim
Dakin, Nic
David, Wayne
Davies, Geraint
De Cordova, Marsha
De Piero, Gloria
Debbonaire, Thangam
Dent Coad, Emma
Dhesi, Tanmanjeet Singh
Dodds, Anneliese
Doughty, Stephen
Dowd, Peter
Drew, Dr David
Dromey, Jack
Duffield, Rosie
Eagle, Angela
Eagle, Maria
Efford, Clive
Elliott, Julie
Elmore, Chris
Esterson, Bill
Evans, Chris
Farrelly, Paul
Fletcher, Colleen
Flint, Caroline
Fovargue, Yvonne
Frith, James
Furniss, Gill
Gaffney, Hugh
Gardiner, Barry
George, Ruth
Glindon, Mary
Godsiff, Roger
Goodman, Helen
Green, Kate
Greenwood, Margaret
Griffith, Nia
Grogan, John
Gwynne, Andrew
Haigh, Louise
Hamilton, Fabian
Hanson, David
Hardy, Emma
Harman, Harriet
Harris, Carolyn
Hayes, Helen
Hayman, Sue
Healey, John
Hepburn, Stephen
Hill, Mike
Hillier, Meg
Hodgson, Sharon
Hoey, Kate
Hollern, Kate
Howarth, George
Huq, Dr Rupa
Hussain, Imran
Johnson, Diana
Jones, Darren
Jones, Helen
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Susan Elan
Kane, Mike
Keeley, Barbara
Khan, Afzal
Killen, Ged
Kinnock, Stephen
Laird, Lesley
Lammy, David
Lavery, Ian
Lee, Karen
Lewell-Buck, Emma
Lloyd, Tony
Long Bailey, Rebecca
Lucas, Ian C.
Lynch, Holly
Madders, Justin
Mahmood, Khalid
Mahmood, Shabana
Malhotra, Seema
Mann, John
Marsden, Gordon
Martin, Sandy
Maskell, Rachael
Matheson, Christian
McCarthy, Kerry
McDonald, Andy
McDonnell, John
McGinn, Conor
McInnes, Liz
McMahon, Jim
McMorrin, Anna
Mearns, Ian
Miliband, Edward
Morden, Jessica
Morgan, Stephen
Morris, Grahame
Nandy, Lisa
Norris, Alex
Onasanya, Fiona
Onn, Melanie
Onwurah, Chi
Osamor, Kate
Owen, Albert
Peacock, Stephanie
Pearce, Teresa
Pennycook, Matthew
Perkins, Toby
Phillips, Jess
Pidcock, Laura
Platt, Jo
Pollard, Luke
Pound, Stephen
Powell, Lucy
Qureshi, Yasmin
Rashid, Faisal
Rayner, Angela
Reed, Steve
Rees, Christina
Reeves, Ellie
Reeves, Rachel
Reynolds, Jonathan
Rimmer, Marie
Robinson, Geoffrey
Rodda, Matt
Rowley, Danielle
Ruane, Chris
Russell-Moyle, Lloyd
Shah, Naz
Sharma, Virendra
Sherriff, Paula
Siddiq, Tulip
Skinner, Dennis
Slaughter, Andy
Smeeth, Ruth
Smith, Cat
Smith, Eleanor
Smith, Laura
Smith, Nick
Smith, Owen
Smyth, Karin
Snell, Gareth
Sobel, Alex
Spellar, John
Starmer, Keir
Stevens, Jo
Streeting, Wes
Stringer, Graham
Sweeney, Mr Paul
Tami, Mark
Thomas, Gareth
Thomas-Symonds, Nick
Thornberry, Emily
Timms, Stephen
Trickett, Jon
Twigg, Derek
Twist, Liz
Vaz, Valerie
Walker, Thelma
Watson, Tom
West, Catherine
Western, Matt
Whitehead, Dr Alan
Whitfield, Martin
Williams, Dr Paul
Williamson, Chris
Zeichner, Daniel

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  1. Agreed , a List of those not supporting would be most useful and can thence be targeted fpr re-selection.

  2. Oh well at least we now know how many democrats there are in Pariliament, in Labour, the SNP and one Green.
    Question is how many will vote for a left wing democratic socialist transformation of UK society as an example to the World?
    I will play my part in selecting a left wing democratic socialist Labour candidate to give this a chance and with your help 620 would be nice too Ha! Ha!
    P..S. Stand by our wonderful African Carribban citizens!
    “Don’t worry, about a thing, everything little thing’s gonna be alright.”

  3. This really worries me. This is about democracy – it is not a policy issue that those on the ‘Right’ of the party might hold a different view on. This is malicious. I hope everyone with MPs, both Labour, Tory and DUP who voted against parliament as sovereign will write to their MPs and consituency HQ.

  4. CLPs should be able to have an election of candidates before every election. Many of these will be won by an effective incumbent who’s developed a following but it would mean poor performance or bad behaviour could be rectified by having someone else.

  5. In 2011 William Hague. Now Lord Hague was pursuing this exact same position. It too got tremendous cross party support. Then it just vanished from the radar. I suspect it was Cameron’s defeat over bombing Syria, which stopped Obama’s plans to launch a war against Syria. Instead he and Cameron, along with May and Clinton, having moved the weapons and their Jihadist proxy puppets into Syria via Turkey. Invented ISIS and the deep state private security services MI6, CIA, MOSSAD have trained, funded and recruited ever since. Under a continual changing of names. It’s calculated and divisive. After Libya these same hidden actors along with a host of NGO’s organised the migrant crisis into Europe via the destabilisation of North Africa and the Middle East. Human trafficking is big big business. Slave Labour, sex trafficking and the vile abuse of child refugees. 95% of human trafficking victims that enter the U.K. are children under the age of 17 that end up as sex slaves and simply disappear. Estimates suggest 6 Children per day disappear and are NEVER seen again. There is no official National data base in U.K. for children that go missing from care or just disappear. Oh yes, they are documented and DNA profiled all the way from their home countries. May has made Telford disappear, Heath disappear, Investigation into CSA disappear, Parliamentary peadophilia rings disappear. MET police institutional CSA cover ups disappear. Parliament is rotten to the core.

    If they want want war in Syria based on social media posts and reports from known murdering, highly paid, sick, drug and sex fuelled psychopaths then THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN A HORSE, A TONY BLAIR BANNER AND SENT TO SYRIA. Only to return when their cry’s of humanitarian intervention and take more refugee children lead to a lasting peace and Syria and all its people have their sovereign democratic secular republic returned to them.
    I stand with Corbyn. Get out of Syria. Give peace a chance to break out. Let the Syrian people return home and rebuild their decimated country.

  6. My MP is a Co-op – not on the list of course and definitely not a socialist.
    Retweets other Co-ops and Labour List.

    The mystery is that grown men don’t understand that if the Tories ever did succeed in crushing the Left their exultation would be quickly followed by a cold-sweat fear of becoming irrelevant.
    To avoid that they’d instinctively lurch to the right, turning on their erstwhile allies the centrists and calling them “worse traitors than Corbyn” to hang on to power.

    The simple fact is that Tories can’t thrive without bogeymen.

    They foment hate, fear and dehumanisation of “the other” because that’s what makes the gullible demand “strong leadership” and accept the corruption and oppression that goes with it as a necessary evil.

    Got to be a plank not to see that.

    1. The Tories are not the only group who can’t survive without bogeymen, neither can the Zionists. They have to whip up the specter of anti-Semitism to distract attention away from the horrors being committed by Israel.

      As a result, we had the disgusting scenes in Parliament yesterday of the right wing of the Party teaming up with the Zionists to attack Corbyn, a man who has fought against injustice all his political life.

      Their plan to undermine Jeremy Corbyn is much more important to them than attacking Theresa May who has just committed a major war crime and whose racist actions against the Windrush immigrants when she was home secretary have now rebounded on her as PM.

  7. Isn’t it odd that Woodcock et al always state that the Party is a Parliamentary party when trying to push back the membership but when they have this order for Parliamentary democracy – they vote against it!

  8. The list of dissenting Labour MP’s might be best compared to the membership list for the Labour Friends of Israel. I admit, I haven’t done it yet myself because I don’t think I need to. If it’s damning, as I suspect it will be, they need to be starting their own party called Labour Party for Israel.

      1. Indeed they do, Incessant Moaner. Having also taken a look, the most virulent Corbyn critics Ian Austin, Joan Ryan, Louise Ellison and John Woodcock are loathe to support him in any way. I since drew the conclusion that Corbyn’s detractors could afford to ‘support’ him, knowing that his motion to force May in to give MP’s a vote, would fail.
        The denial of a vote was very important for accountability. Rebel warmongering ‘Israel firsters’ won’t have to reveal their support for conflicts that benefit Israel. Theft of Syrian assets is not the primary motivator in attacking Syria. It’s the regional domination for the Zionist regime that is crucial. The treacherous Labour MP’s will be able to hide their betrayal of UK interests now that further action in Syria will not be voted on.

  9. The Tory’s line on this was pulled apart on tonight’s BBC2 Newsnight (20/04/2018). Gesture bombing?

  10. Despite the fact that the SSRC research facility in Barzeh was inspected in Nov 2017 and givern a clean bill of health by the OPCW the MSM have failed to challenge the government on what evidence they have that necessitated its destruction and why they didn’t report this evidence to the OPCW as soon as they were aware of it.

    “Despite the allegations, the OPCW subsequently reported that it had carried out two inspections of Barzeh and Dummar facilities – which is also known as Jamraya – in February and November 2017 and not observed “any activities inconsistent with obligations under the CWC”.”

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