Video: Marr to Corbyn “it’s strange – the people agree with you on Syria!” Easy to see why

There was an interesting little passage this morning on the BBC’s Marr show during Andrew Marr’s interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in which the presenter hinted that he found the UK public a bit baffling – because they agree with Corbyn on Syria.

Corbyn’s response will resonate with a big majority of us – and suggests that Marr’s worldview is a little removed from that of the rest of us:

Corbyn ‘gets it’ – and more than three-quarters of us agree with him. It’s not ‘strange’ – or even hard to understand – nor is it difficult to grasp why his willingness to stand up for the right viewpoint wins people to his side.

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  1. In the post-Brexit world it is vital to our national security to recalibrate and take back control of our foreign policy.

    Jeremy Corbyn is the only political leader in the country who understands and is willing to do this.

    The changes to our foreign policy that Jeremy Corbyn will implement as the prime minister of the UK will increase our national security, improve international relations and enhance this country’s standing in the world.

  2. Public opinion against them? That explains why MSM has parroting the Government propaganda and the war cabinet has been pulling out all the stops to make it all seem like an act taken for our best interest.

  3. The two instances where may has acted executively as PM.

    1. Calling the 2017 snap Election

    2. Airstrikes on Syria.

    Just allow them (and their consequences) to sink in, and then imagine how much damage is gonna be done if she’s allowed to make a third decision…

    Anyone unconcerned at that thought must have some sort of psychological problem(s).

  4. This is why Jeremy Corbyn is correct to doubt the legality of our attack on Syria:-

    When military action is taken by one State against another it must be done IN COMPLIANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW otherwise it constitutes a WAR CRIME.

    The 1945 UN Charter art.51 gives three options for it to be legal to use force against another State:-

    1. That State must be attacking us.

    2. Or there must be a justifiable danger of an imminent attack from
    the other State

    3. Or, if there are threats from nonstate actors, we can only use
    force against them if they are not already being fought against by
    the State from which they operate.

    Theresa May cannot claim any of the above, therefore the reason she has quoted is:

    “to alleviate the extreme humanitarian suffering”

    This is not a reason under article 51 to justify using military force but some States claim it is.

    So for arguments sake, let’s say Assad was guilty of the gas attack if indeed it did happen. That attack is over and is in the past, therefore May cannot even claim that the action she ordered was to alleviate suffering which has already occurred, it makes no sense ???. The best she can say is the attack was to prevent future suffering. This is of course a nonsense as it would give any State a green light to attack almost any other State for the flimsiest of reasons.

    This attack was to precipitate regime change, absolutely no doubt.

    Even if she had sought a vote in Parliament, it would have been a vote for ILLEGAL action.

    What May has done is launch an attack on another sovereign nation, thereby giving them a LEGAL right to attack the UK.

    Britain has committed a war crime and Theresa May is a War Criminal

    1. Very articulate and excellent summation of the current disastrous decision. Please may I copy and paste it to my Facebook Timeline?

  5. Wonder if a this is how certain phone call went:
    “Vladie, Donny (or Macron) here.
    Guess we have to talk about this Syrian stuff.
    Look I know we in the West really rule for the rich and powerful and you rule for the Oligarchs and their mates plus Assad for his rich clique (who own most of the Syrian economy in the richest area they control, and I get this is what he is fighting for) but there’s this democracy stuff.
    We have to give the impression that we care about citizens and doing something should make us look good.
    You know the score, unfortunately we have to win votes.
    So here’s the co-ordinates of our hits so you can get your guys out of harms way.
    I suppose you’d better pass them onto the Syrians too, we don’t want civillian casualties, it’s not good PR.
    So have a good day Vladie.” “Yes see you Donny mate.”

  6. Interesting Marr is operating under the misapprehension that “the public” need to be lead by the likes of himself and still, in his ernest ignorance, cannot understand why we won’t fall in line and believe the BBC.
    Marr is exasperated. You can clearly see the 60+ production team and advisors. Screaming in horror “We’ve been smearing, lying, humiliating, ignoring this man for 2yrs. We’ve had endless PLP Moderatly Labour Tory MP’s on Prime time TV and Radio to break this man, abuse him personally, we’ve spied on his private conversations and entire political career, we’ve fabricated story after story and refused to stop using those same lies, we’ve set up live TV resignations during PMQ’s and coordinated transmission with the Tory cabinet. Yet still the public agree with him”
    That’s it, Marr exclaims, “it’s Corbyn, He is telling the public what to think”
    No you stupid TV presenter we the people are sovereign. We alone have the power to elect our representatives in Parliament. We represent humanity, the whole of humanity, we are not the 1%. When the BBC talk of we, or they, or us, or National interest. Take them literally. They mean themselves they are the public face of the 1%. In Corbyns own voice “It’s not me they fear it’s you”

  7. Marr and MSM just so out of touch , completely out of touch , simply irrelevant now to most peoples lives ,not listened to , BBC expected to deliver nothing more than Tory propaganda , and first question in most people minds is ” where’s the lie this time , what’s the angle , where’s the deceit and spin “

  8. According to the Americans the attack was legal as it was protecting US citizens, which confirms that they have troops in the area.

    1. Whatever America claims, the attack did not comply with the requirements of International Law.

      If Corbyn can obtain a vote, on any debate as a consequence of the attack, he should impose a three line whip on his MPs.

  9. Interviewer “Theresa what was the naughtiest thing you ever did”. Mrs May ” well I remember running through the cornfields with my friends when I was very young ….oh and I also started world war three”.

  10. Yes Jeremy is standing head above shoulders compared to the others.
    According to The Observer, Putin apparently a while ago agreed to World Leaders’ requests not to give Syria etc. the more effective S 300 missile defence systems but since this US, France, UK action apparently he will now give them these which would make future targeted attacks less effective – nice one D, T & M SOME GAIN?
    And for May apart from the Fake Feel Good Factor not perhaps the best return for our 4 planes and 8 missiles?
    Need political solutions.
    We need countries led by Left Wing Democratic Socialists who are Peacemongers. UN Peace Confrence Now!

  11. The mystery deepens, if possibly (a) a rebel group did it?
    Apparently the area of the alleged chemical attack was under the control of an extreme Saudi backed Islamist group who want to “cleanse Syria of Christian and Shi’ite filth.”
    It is also claimed some Islamist groups have been smuggling Sarins into the country.
    Have the 3 Right Wing Twits been taken for mugs or have they just taken advantage of the situation whilst in a corner hoping to boost their own popularity? (May in a political and Brexit mess) Trump (Mueller coming and Trump’s lawyer raided) and Macron (massive strikes against the French Tony Blair and his Neo-Libera cuts to protections and living standards).
    Or if it is (b) Assad? Putin before this agreed with World Leaders not to give Syria etc. the more effective S 300 missile defence systems and now he is likely to do so, so if this option they can do what they want – some progress!
    The World desperately need left wing democratic socialist leaders who are HONEST and put peace first. Solidarity!

  12. Noticed while Johnson was speaking I could hear Marr “mm”-ing at every slight pause – encouraging him to keep going it seemed to me.
    Like “Good, good, keep going, this is good” – just without the words.
    Not a sniff of a hard question.

  13. I totally agree. JC is only man you could rely on. He is persistent with principle. He is always right. And he should be himself always, he does not need to listen to opportunistic opinion.

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