Jeremy Corbyn on May’s rash #Syria attack

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During the night, Theresa May my followed the most-despised US president in history to launch an attack on Syria without the approval of Parliament or UK people.

She claims to have exhausted diplomatic options but did not even wait for the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to begin it’s analysis in Douma, let alone formally report whether a chemical attack took place there.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

Bombs won’t save lives or bring about peace. This legally questionable action risks escalating further, as US defence secretary James Mattis has admitted, an already devastating conflict and therefore makes real accountability for war crimes and use of chemical weapons less, not more likely.

Britain should be playing a leadership role to bring about a ceasefire in the conflict, not taking instructions from Washington and putting British military personnel in harm’s way.

Theresa May should have sought parliamentary approval, not trailed after Donald Trump. The government should do whatever possible to push Russia and the United States to agree to an independent UN-led investigation of last weekend’s horrific chemical weapons attack so that those responsible can be held to account.

Tony Blair was tainted forever for trailing after an awful US president into unfounded military action. May has done so for a worse one – and without even obtaining the cover of a parliamentary vote.

This is an attack on our democracy, as well as on Syria. It must cost her her job.

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  1. Means that this western alliance only need to discover/stage? a “chemical attack” to ‘justify’ bombing ‘Syrian chemical weapons’ targets.




  3. Well said Jeremy Corbyn!
    A voice of sanity, consideration and calm.

    Trump, Macron and May did not even wait for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to check and report back, they ignore the United Nations and in May’s case, there is no reference to Parliament.


  4. Again, Britain has committed a war crime.

    Under International Law we have no legal justification in launching this attack on Syria an independent sovereign nation. We were neither being attacked nor under imminent threat of attack by Syria. Neither was Syria directing or in control of other actors attacking us.

    Jeremy Wright has just done a ‘Peter Goldsmith’ under pressure from a nut case in the US.

    What a despicable shower we have leading us.

    Theresa May must now leave office.

  5. Does anyone know what the damage to people and the environment would be if you blew up an active chemical weapons produc tion facility? Doesn’t seem like a wise or safe move.

  6. Surprisingly the OPCW are still going ahead with their investigation on the ground in Syria. We will all await their report with interest,

  7. Hey Skwawkbox, Namaste,

    Satanic emissaries kick-starting war to feed the insatiable hunger of the American military machine: a war machine already responsible for murdering 20 millions across the world since WW2. And here we are again back in the Middle East recycling hatred, promoting global tension, dividing nations and people, and all whilst eagerly promoting America First policies. May and Trump are the disease in this world and need to be stopped before their wickedness damages the world even more.

    Not just satisfied in creating socio-economic conditions in the UK that have caused death and immense suffering to UK citizens through austerity and greed, May now turns her attentions to killing more innocent lives in other countries without the approval of parliament or the UK electorate. Blindly following yet another reviled U.S president hell-bent on war, death, destruction, grabbing oil, land and enforcing their diseased thinking upon the world.

    The people of the world have no trust in politicians nor in the machinations of powerful governments with wicked intentions. The truth of this matter will never be revealed – lies and propaganda will be perpetuated by the state: thus keeping the ignorant apathetical majority of the population blissfully unaware whilst the remainder have no power to rid themselves of the cancerous minds of their reviled leaders anyway. It is only the rich and powerful who start wars, fund wars, invest in wars, and profit from it, but it remains only the common man who pays with their lives.

    Theresa May and Trump have to be stopped and now.

    Love and Peace! Power to the People!

    Namaste 🙂


  8. If the Syrian air defense systems managed to knock out 70% of the cruise missiles it really doesn’t bode too well for them being an effective weapon system when confronted with the much more sophisticated Russian systems.

  9. She really is deluded, no iron lady 2.0 with her Reagan 2.0 puppet in tow. Dumb and dumber are hell bent on destroying our country’s reputation or what’s left of it.
    Where on earth is the logic in making the lives of the Syrian people even worse? Have they not suffered enough?
    There is absolutely no reason for her to have bypassed Parliament, yet again. No imminent threat to our national security, so no need to act with such rash haste.
    The whole rotten corrupt lot of them need to be removed from office, charged with any and all criminal offences that apply, before our country is ruined beyond repair or this mad woman and her puppet master ignite ww3

  10. She’s living up to the old Tory mantra. When in trouble at home find an enemy abroad

  11. Theresa May’s speech. – Does referring to social media as Open Source Reports add to their credibility?

  12. In her haste to discredit Corbyn, no matter what it takes, she has totally lost her tiny mind, if she thinks she will win votes!
    If there’s anytime left before she gives the order she should be arrested forthwith, taken to the bloody tower and locked up in chains!
    As a traitorous leader, who hasn’t exhausted diplomatic process or used the power of an elected parliamentary system to gain permission to go ahead with any action when it hasn’t been sanctioned!

    1. We’ve all witnessed how weak and insecure Theresa May really is. She is obviously making a desperate attempt to counter the overall impression the country has of her before the May elections.

  13. Who thinks Jeremy should grow the beard again?
    I always liked the beard.

    Wot? I can’t be trivial just for once?

  14. Just had a revelation; why do White RIght Wing Western Neo-Liberal Capitalists Barbarians (including the Right in Labour) keep killing our equal Black and Brown fellow human beings – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Syria again?
    And I say this as a white working class left wing democratic socialist.
    And where is the revulsion at the US killing of 11,000 to 18,000 Civillians in the bombing of vile so-called IS in Iraq and Syria in the last year?
    We have had Barbarianism on all sides including from Assad (protecting his clique’s wealth), Putin, Iran and all foreign interlopers.
    Jeremy Corbyn is right we need a peaceful resolution and my theory is that when Assad’s troops fled this area they left chemical facilities behind and an Islamic fundamentalist group got hold of them and launched the chemical attack to draw the West in to try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but of course I could be wrong and it would depend on evidence, mine is only a theory.
    The tragedy in all this is there is a progressive, peaceful opposition to Assad in the mix in Syria who have been marginalised and ignored and I stand with them.
    Oh and can’t leave without a dig at Trump – according to James Comey’s book Russia has a video of Trump in Moscow with prostitutes who were peeing on each other (yet to be verified).
    I am for diverse working people in every country of the world as a left wing democratic socialist but perhaps THE RICH AND POWERFUL ARE TAKING THE PISS!
    International Solidarity!

  15. Went to BBC iPlayer page to see Andrew Marr show broadcast this morning. The “full” description has this: “Interviews with key newsmakers and cultural figures, including actor and campaigner Sir Patrick Stewart and actor Nicola Walker. Reviewing the papers are journalist and broadcaster Rachel Shabi, CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour and The Spectator editor Fraser Nelson.”

    In case you don’t know, Jeremy Corbyn is on the programme interviewed by Andrew Marr about Syria. Looks like the BBC editor would rather you didn’t know, actually.

  16. The vicar’s daughter in desperate failure to appear authoritative.

    Too weak to sack the idiots for their plethora of transgressions, indeed even allowing some to PROMOTE themselves rather than be sacked; the first time she appears to do something off her own bat was never gonna be anything positive, but instead of it being another balls up of national scale it’s a f*ck-up of a global one.

    And I thought it was the halfwit yanks caused all sorts of sh*t with their gung-ho gunboat diplomacy…

  17. So (a) set up by an Islamist group who capttured chemical facilities to draw the West in? Or (b) Assad?
    “Just give us some truth” based on independent evidence.
    But read one point in today’s Obsérver – it is suggested that Putin may now give a number of states the more effective S 300 Missile Defence System which could make future targeted interventions more difficult.
    Need via the UN to get all parties urgently around a Peace Conference table but notice those who opposed the action a few years ago are now getting some stick now but perhaps we gave 5m people i Syria the chance to get out as the warmongers were determined to flood in.
    We need an urgent peace and to give some hope which must include justice for the victims.
    It could be argued some have become dehumanised by their actions and we need a way back; “Better Jaw Jaw, than War, War.”
    Yours in peace.

  18. And the worst part about this move is that donald will still shaft the UK, post-brexit.

    ‘Special relationship’ MY ARSE.

    Bravo tess…Couldn’t have played it any worse.

  19. Now that Britain is out of the E.U,May will do anything to appease Trump.

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