Video: Tory minister Johnson suffering ‘technology interfering’ on BBCQT

jjohnson qt wire.gif

Seems the ‘technical interference’ affecting Tory minister Jo Johnson’s answer on last night’s BBC Question Time programme was his accidentally-activated Siri:

However, that fact may not be much less embarrassing for the minister. See here.

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  1. Incredible !
    You really couldn’t make it up.
    I wonder how long this has been going on – and is it just Tories – or does every panel member receive such ‘ assistance’ from the BBC ?
    Always suspected that QT was ‘ fixed’ ‘ with focus being on ‘ plants’ in the audience.
    Now it would appear the panel are manipulated too !!
    Be interesting to see the BBCs response to what will undoubtably be a myriad questions to its complaints section to its on line website !!

    1. Good point about audience plants being ‘handled’ as well.

      I wonder if Johnson’s handler was actually in the immediate vicinity, knowingly accommodated by the BBC, or whether they were linked through VOIP from a remote location.

      Being close by should make for a more reliable connection but surely makes it more likely that the beeb were somehow complicit in the practice.

      Any chance that someone can identify whose voice it is on the earpiece? Might be one of Johnson’s staff.

  2. Great collar, SB, Bozo Jnr. caught absolutely bang to rights.

    It’s worth reflecting on the fact that the only unusual thing about this incident is that the seedy pantomime artists were caught red handed, not that the practice itself is in any way exceptional.

    It isn’t, not by a long shot.

    Says quite a lot about Bozo Jnr. and his handlers, doesn’t it, and brings into question all the other times that establishment sockpuppets have been the source of conspicuously halting and disjointed responses.

    Garden variety cretinism can no doubt account for most instances but there is no way on earth this is the first time, merely the first time they’ve been caught.

    Wonder how hard it’d be to detect and record any such earpieces that were being operated in the immediate vicinity?

  3. Complaint submitted to the BBC:-

    Week after week the QT panel is overwhelmingly skewed towards the right, as it was this week. Indeed his week’s show was a travesty for which the BBC should be ashamed.

    With the question deliberately chosen by the producers on anti-Semitism, and with panelists Jonathan Friedland, Joe Johnson, and Kate Andrews (why is she such a favourite with the BBC?) It was purposely weighted to be against Jeremy Corbyn.

    Over such an important issue as anti-Semitism it is vital that all sides are represented. Where was the Jewish voice, of which there are thousands, to support Jeremy Corbyn and counteract Freidland and the others? The BBC’s bias against Corbyn, a champion of anti-racism all of his political life, is blatant and disgusting.

    Where, for example was the question on Israel’s recent murder of dozens of Palestinians in cold blood? – straight in the bin I expect!

    In addition to the five right wing members of the panel, it was also obvious that the audience had been chosen by your right wing audience producer to have a right wing bias, it was most certainly not representative of a Liverpool audience. If the programme is not meant to have a local flavour, why bother to cart it around the country?

    Either QT should be pensioned off, because with makers MENTORN and chair David Dimbleby, it is no longer fit for purpose, or it should be completely revamped by a better production company using a less pretentious but a more neutral chair.

  4. With response to the element of your complaint “Where was the Jewish voice?”, the BBC will – accurately- respond that Jonathan Friedland is Jewish.

    Regarding the makeup of the audience it was remarkable how few of those heard speaking had Merseyside accents.

    And the question about the shrine to the dead burglar – is this a new feature of Question Time to avoid more awkward political discussions?

    ” Does the panel think the recently reported crime was bad?”

    1. ‘Nomatestype’ You appear to have missed my point.

      I said where was the Jewish voice to SUPPORT Jeremy Corbyn? Jonathan Friedland as we all know, is Jewish and the ‘gatekeeper’ at The Guardian on these issues but he was there to attack Corbyn not support him. As I said, because it is such an important issue, Friedland’s well known Zionist views should have been challenged by a non-Zionist Jewish voice supportive of Corbyn.

  5. can the labour party start introducing jamming devices? Oh No, we can’t. We hardly ever get a real labour party mp on the programme – usually just the Tory implants

  6. Everything is so scary. Technology advance, more dictatorial available. Anyhow, Syrian people will suffer more, is sure, so sad.

  7. The majority of the national press would all over a Labour MP if they were indulging in the same behaviour.

  8. As David Dimbleby says at the beginning of QT “we will have questions from the audience, which the panel haven’t seen and don’t know what will be asked”!
    “Or words to that effect”.
    Do I believe one word of it?
    “NO I DON’T”!

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