Will Momentum withdraw support for Copeland candidate after emergence of anti-Corbyn comments?

Momentum national has been supporting local councillor Tony Lywood as its preferred choice for the position of PPC (prospective parliamentary candidate) for Copeland in Cumbria. But local members have been up in arms about the decision, pointing out that Lywood was a vocal opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his policies around the time of the 2016 ‘chicken coup’ and subsequent leadership challenge, as well as dismissive of ‘Corbynistas’:


Concerns have also been raised about Lywood’s property portfolio.

The CLP’s selection meeting is scheduled to take place this afternoon. So far, Momentum have not commented or confirmed whether they will withdraw their support.

Mr Lywood has not been reachable for comment.

Local Momentum groups frequently complain about the national organisation’s choice of preferred candidates and there is currently a dispute between Momentum and other left groups about the process for selecting ‘slates’ of candidates for national party positions.

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  1. That thread is a classic neoliberal ‘Tyranny of the majority’ argument … the masses are stupid and cannot be trusted. The only way to better their plight is to facilitate the operation of the markets and to keep ordinary people out of power.

    1. Typical Young Conservatives dinner party mantra, “Socialism is something intelligent people grow out of by 25, yah?”
      I like the way he calls it, “our party” and talks about “the class war that’s now gone.”
      Tory mole.

  2. I sincerely hope that Momentum will withdraw it’s support for Tony Lywood. If it doesn’t, then I’ll be withdrawing my membership of Momentum.

  3. It would appear that Jon Lansman is using Momentum’s national organisation as a vehicle to promote his own career within the Labour PLP.

    If Momentum does not withdraw its support for this self confessed anti-Corbyn candidate then we will know that this is the case.

    We will also know that Momentum’s national organisation has no credibility and no longer supports the leader of the Labour Party.

    1. There wasnt a vote. The momentum panel interveiwed by phone 2 candidates. Local members were not asked. Its the old boys network – in this case, the finger points at Colin Burgon, ex-MP, uncle of Richard Burgon

  4. As a grassroots Momentum supporter, I don’t want to comment on the decision to support Tony Lywood or not. However I campaigned in Keswick with Tony (a bunch of Leeds Momentum booked a cottage for a week for the Copeland by-election). I can’t see the dates on the comments he posted, but he said we were the first Momentum with whom he had come into contact and was shocked that we were not the “ogres” he had been led to believe. He was also impressed that the only people who came to Keswick to help were Momentum. It is not impossible that he, like many others, has changed his views

    1. Well it obviously wasn’t THAT long ago, and I don’t believe for one moment that this particular leopard has suddenly changed his spots.

      And just out of interest, did he explain who it was that had led him to believe that YOU – as in Momentum members – were ogres?

      Always bare in mind that there a a lot of devious and duplicitous people involved in politics.

  5. “LYWOOD”, please, “MOMENTUM”, as a member I want you to withdraw our backing of this out of touch right-wing short sighted none believer of JC and his policies!

  6. Disgraceful comments. Very vitriolic. On the strength of those statements, as a LP member I do NOT want Lynwood as an MP.

  7. Well, as it happened, he was selected by a big majority, I hear, from local BBC. That said, I’d love to have him explain to me why there is no such thing as a class struggle.

    1. It wasnt a big majority. He had about 25 votes ahead of his next rival AFTER 2nd,3rd and subsequent preferences were counted.

  8. I am worried by Momentum. I have been asked to join recently and emailed that when they can tell me their Momentum policy is to back Jeremy 100percent, then I will join them. I haven’t had a reply, which tends to confirm my suspicions. Lywood is a ridiculous choice of candidate unless Momentum has another agenda and thought we wouldn’t notice.

    1. Certainly seems an odd choice, but it’s a bit of a leap to go from there to suggesting Momentum has ‘another agenda’. And if you aren’t happy about them, just don’t join. Not the end of the world for you or Momentum. Or Mr Corbyn.

  9. Speaking after the selection, Tony said: “As a local councillor I have seen the worst impacts of Tory policies here in Copeland with rising poverty, low wages and insecure housing. I know that only a Labour Government can bring the change we need to make people’s lives better.”
    There’s a code in these acceptance speeches, which is not 100% reliable, but it’s close.
    Jeremy Corbyn supporters say “only Jeremy Corbyn and a Labour Government”
    Jeremy Corbyn non-supporters say “only a Labour Government”

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