Tories put out dishonest video re #NHSpayscam. Someone fixed it for them

The Tories are insulting our vital NHS staff with a ‘pay rise’ that will actually result in a real-terms pay cut for many, as the 6.5% ‘rise’ over three years offered to most – in return for sacrificing a day’s holiday to devalue it further – is below the expected rise in prices of around 10%.

A real-terms pay-cut on top of the 14% imposed by the 1% pay cap since the Tories took Downing Street.


Tories being Tories, they are desperately spinning it to sound like they are suddenly being generous – which the facts say they are not – and have put out a video claiming this generosity is thanks to their great handling of the economy.

An economy that has been the slowest of all major economies to recover from the global financial crisis.

Fortunately, the team at Ealing Labour for Corbyn (@EL4JC on Twitter) have fixed it for them:

There you go, Jimmy. Don’t forget to credit EL4C when you share it.

Everyone else – support your NHS heroes and don’t fall for Tory propaganda.

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  1. Snakes in the grass, are all Tories!
    Sorry snakes.
    They’re lower than a ladies kneecap!
    Sorry, “LEFT WING LADIES”!
    “No offence ment to you”.

  2. The Tories cannot be trusted with our public services for one simple reason.

    They do not believe in the concept of publicly funded services.

  3. So why are Unite and the other unions (apart from GMB) advising their members to accept the offer?

  4. My apologies for changing the subject completely (although it is to do with ‘health’), but I was just checking my inbox, and there was the latest newsletter from the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and the leading article was the following (and in case you didn’t know it, the drinking water in several areas of England in which around 5.8 million people live is fluoridated, as is all of the Republic of Ireland):


  5. The reason the Tories get away with all their lies and fabrication and spin is because the right-wing press and beyond uncritically disseminate it to their millions of readers and viewers. Just as the Tories know they will of course. And vice-versa for their political opponents of course.

    Did anyone catch Newsnight tonight re the bullying of parliamentary staff in Westminster. I was preoccupied at the time and was only half listening (and was thinking anyway that I’ll check it out properly on Iplayer later), but I got the jist of it of course. And it HAD to be Labour of course! What else do we expect from Newsnight these days.

    As I say, I’m gonna watch it properly at some point on Iplayer cos for one thing, I didn’t pick up on who she was accusing of bullying her – ie whether it was a LP MP of the left, or of the right (but given all that’s gone before I’d be kinda pleasantly surprised if it was a ‘moderate’ MP). The thing that I really picked up on though is that she sounded just like Bex Bailey (when she did her interview so-called on Radio 4’s PM last year re the alledged rape) with her ‘little girl voice’. Just that alone – and the fact that it was Newsnight of course – got me thinking “Here we go again!”.

    They never let up do they, and after the Salisbury affair and the hatchet job they did on JC last week, I think they were more than a little surprised that the latest opinion polls only have the Tories three percentage points ahead of Labour.

    They were in such ‘victory mode’ that there was a cartoon in The Times last Sunday divided into three parts, the first with Ken Dodd, the second with someone I’m vaguely familiar with but don’t know his name, and the third of JC with a badge (or something) saying ‘Jeremy Corbyn for PM’, with a caption that said ‘Three comedians that died last week’ (or maybe it was ‘this week’).

    Fascists everywhere who saw it will of course have been highly amused.

  6. Jeremy Corbyn a few weeks before the invasion of Iraq in 2003:

    “Thousands more deaths in Iraq will not make things right. It will set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations.”


  7. And just one last thought before beddybyes:

    Cambridge Analytica were NOT working for Trumpet per se, they were working for the American Elite (as do BOTH the Dems and Reps).

  8. Great handling of the economy meaning that you have a million having to go the food bank’s in the sixth wealthiest nation on earth which is also host to an increasing number of billionaires.
    Richard Dennis

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