#CambridgeAnalytica cordon lifted – ‘false alarm’ suspicious package blamed

The police and fire service cordon around the offices of controversial firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) has been lifted. The cordon was put in place, according to ITV, because a security guard reported a suspicious package he ‘didn’t like the look’ of:

ca update.png

Coming at a time when the Information Commissioner has still not received the warrant applied for several days ago to search CA’s offices and computers in relation to alleged massive data breaches and Channel 4 News’ dramatic undercover video footage of CA executives, the isolation of the office at a crucial juncture is bound to raise suspicions.

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  1. Good of The Establishment’s creeps to tip off CA as to the impending warrant and, yes, the cordon was as good a time as any to “load up the van” with any incriminating filth.

    Must have been quite a lot of it, judging by the scale of distraction required.

    1. Yes, and how very convenient that someone just happened to leave a ‘suspicious’ package there. Was it reported at all what was (supposedly) in the package? I guess they figured that if they started loading up a van with dozens of boxes (full of paperwork), they couldn’t be sure there wasn’t someone from Channel 4 News or wherever keeping an eye on the place from a discrete distance/location, ready to start filming if just such a thing were to happen. And so……..

      Or am I just being cynical and it was purely a coincidence!

      1. Afterthought: AND who left the package?, as it would be more than a little odd if there wasn’t an address on it (if it was about to be posted), or at the very least something inside to identify the person the package belonged to – ie a receipt or whatever. What I mean is that it would be strange if it was just something wrapped up with nothing to identify who it belonged to. But IF that WERE the case – odd as that may be (though some may say ‘suspicious’), I assume the authorities will be checking it for fingerprints and/or DNA.

    2. The suspicious package was a box of Novichocs, luxury Belgian chocolates. They’re made in Belgium but are of a type developed in Russia.

  2. It could be that the only ‘political dynamite’ to be found is in that office?
    CA possible involvement in Trump campaign?
    CA possible involvement EC Referendum (The Obsérver)?
    CA possible involvement to aid the Tories in the last General Election?
    And whilst we’re at it CA possible Russian links?
    Suspicious times indeed in the Tory induced Neo-Liberal Wild West?

    1. I’ve never gone for the Russian interference thing (and for a very good reason), and now that THIS has come to light, I can only conclude that accusing Russia of meddling in the election (for POTUS) was a Blind.

      1. I just love the Russian working people and diverse working people in every country. Working people of no countries are our enemy! Interesting watching BBC 10.00pm News (22/3) and absolutely NO mention of CA potential scandal in their programme whilst according to Channel 4 (22/3) CA now has a new name – think it now goes under the name of Emmerton (?) and is funded by US Right Wing Republican billionaire – Mercer. Having a good memory soething still sticks in my memory- I remember a woman being interviewed on TV during the last General Election and she said that she hadn’t decided how to vote yet but she felt that “the Tories seemed to know everything about me, and that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

  3. “I don’t believe it”!
    “Not another coverup”?
    We have never had a truly left Government in power and yet we are told by the RIGHT, we on the LEFT can’t be “TRUSTED”!
    What, do they have to fear?
    It does appear, “THE LAW”!
    Along with all their “POLICY MAKING”, while being in “POWER”, then standing on their “MORALITY OF RIGHT AND WRONG”!
    Anything the RIGHT DO, that goes against the MANY, as to be WRONG?

  4. Channel 4 reported this evening (22/3) CA removed crates from their office today and still after 4 days Information Commisioner’s Team not granted warrant to enter!

    1. I didn’t watch Channel 4 News earlier, so (because of what you said) I went to the More 4 website (or whatever it’s called), found that I had to sign up, so did just that. But when I then went to the Channel 4 News page, thinking that the primary thing on there would be today’s edition of C4 News, it appeared to be all stuff from the other day – ie the secret filming. BUT – and this is a very big ‘but’ – to one side of the page (the right-hand side), there was an item entitled: Russian links to Cambridge Analytica – ie a five minute long news piece – and given my long-held belief that Russia has never interfered in elections (and that it’s all just black propaganda), I was of course very interested to watch it and see what it had to say. Turned out it was clickbait and, as such, nothing whatsoever to do with Russian meddling etc, *BUT* – and I would make the ‘but’ bigger if I could – I implore EVERYONE to check it out (and sign up if you’re not already). You will understand WHY when you do – ie when you HAVE watched it. Yes, I’ve put a link to the page below, but I assume it won’t go to the page until you HAVE signed in (or signed up).


  5. Looks more likely to be a cleanup operation of anything incriminating to the establishment.

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