4-CLP Wirral Momentum backs Formby for General Secretary

Wirral Momentum in the north-west of England covers four parliamentary constituencies and has been on a roll. On Monday evening, it put out this tweet:

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  1. SO Lansman withdraws say , and Formby in essence gets appointed , I really hope that doesn’t happen , not that I question JF suitability for one second BUT the whole process would look like a sham and that ,I think, is what JL is trying to avoid.I think he has said that he wants to encourage others to stand but if the reaction is such that no one should stand against JF then the whole process is in effect a forgone conclusion then what is the flipping point ?

      1. I understand that danger Marty , but if we on the left make coronations and appointments just like Blair did then that smacks of hypocrisy and I wouldn’t want to give the right wingers any room to criticise.

  2. The right will criticise no matter what.

    When has it been so unusual for a ‘left’ group to declare its support for a particular candidate?

    1. Maybe so , but lets not give them the ammo to do so , so easily . It is not unusual to express support , agreed , but I feel that the persistent pressure on a candidate to stand down is not a good example to set .It sends out all the wrong messages of transparency openness and fairness . I ‘d hoped that revitalise Labour is better than this .Let the election progress fairly and let the NEC make the decision ( I’d much still pref OMOV but realise that’s not yet possible ) .If they decide that JL is not right for the job ,and votes in JF all well and good .But at least there has been a semblance of an election and not a coronation and that is the issue I have with this situation. I personally hope that JF wins as this would be the safest outcome for us on the left . BUT there has to be, in my humble view , a realistic election and not defacto win by deterring any other candidates to stand.
      Sorry to be swimming against the current on this one.

      1. Thank you Dick , I know thanks very much , but it should dam well be , and what’s more the whole membership should have a direct say on who get’s the most powerful job in the Admin of Labour, as can be seen with the abuse that McNicol has exercised it’s too important to leave it up to some back room appointment process in my view .So I won’t be “butting out ” any time soon and I would guess neither will others .

  3. Are you confident that the RW wont field a candidate, with the potential to gain around 15 NEC votes?

  4. When will Momentum wake up to the fact that it is not an elected post. It is a paid staff appointment and HR regulations apply. The NEC will decide once the appointment process has been successfully concluded. In the meantime BUTT OUT!

  5. Call it what you want.

    The bottom line is that 39 NEC members will take the decision collectively. Whether they raise their hands, complete a secret paper ballot, nod their heads or wink – they will take the decision.

    It is perfectly reasonable for Labour members and affiliates to adopt a favoured candidate and to seek that person’s appointment.

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