Civil service in ‘work-up’ to prepare for Labour government


Senior civil servants are preparing for a Labour government, according to a highly-placed source.

The Whitehall-based contact says that the civil service has quietly been doing all “the work up” to get ready for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to take power.

Such ‘work-up’ exercises are not unknown – but the current one is being “carried out with a sense of prescience” among civil service bosses.


It seems the civil service ‘mandarins’ who watch governments come and go may consider the Tory government as shaky as do the rest of us.

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  1. As long as they don’t mean it in a ‘hiding the scissors’ kind of way 😉

  2. Unfortunately the civil service are innately Conservative, so preparation will probably mean passive resistance of some sort. The veteran left-wing critic Perry Anderson likened a Labour government to a series of “spotlit enclaves” in a generally hostile environment. I doubt things have changed much. That’s why we need good old fashioned grass roots campaigning as well. Although the Tories always try to convince you otherwise, that’s what makes things change. Twas ever thus. People have the power, not politicians.

  3. Or on the other hand it is facilitating the “work up” to to be as troublesome as possible to stalling anything they will not like in the Labour Manifesto.

  4. The civil service is going to be working very, very hard indeed under a Labour government.

    There is much to do as the Labour manifesto contains a four term programme.

  5. “a highly-placed source.”
    “The Whitehall-based contact ”

    Gossip? Any truth to the rumour?Any facts?

    Even though we would all like it to be true!!

  6. We can only hope that the Tories are so unstable, they will fall before the next election. The Civil Service are feeling they haven’t got long to prepare for the next Labour government?

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