Video: Prescott skewers Tory chair’s hypocrisy re smears after ‘respect pledge’

Last month, new Tory chair Brandon Lewis announced a ‘respect pledge’ that he said all Conservative candidates would have to sign up to – and that they would be suspended if they ‘insulted rivals’:

pledge suspend.png

Over the last few days, several Tories have disgraced themselves with completely unfounded slurs against Jeremy Corbyn.

On the BBC’s Question Time programme on Thursday night, former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott laid into Lewis – and challenged him to sack vice-Chair Ben Bradley, who this week had to delete a tweeted slur and faces legal action from Corbyn if he fails to publicly apologise and make a substantial donation to charity:


Lewis tried to brazen it out, but his expressions caught by BBC cameras during the onslaught spoke volumes:

lewis expressions

However, we recommend readers do not hold their breath waiting for him to do the right thing according to his own statement about the Tory ‘pledge’.

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  1. well all our thanks must go to tory voters who have put us in this country living under a tory dictatorship so called goverment

  2. The whole thing has massively backfired on the Tories, the press and even the idiots who believe them.

    They should be reminded of it every time they complain about “fake news” and whinge about Levinson (some hole for themselves that the SCUM, Daily Heil and Torygraph have dug there).

    A Czech communist spy master who organised “Live Aid” indeed. No doubt his boss officiated at the Queen’s coronation.

  3. The grid on that arl get – nearest the camera @00:10…

    Unlucky, div! Truth’s out – Deal with it 😀

  4. Just a thought….

    That’s TWO toerags taken to task in as many days on the bbc. The licence fee goes up (again) in April…

    …I think the murmurs of abolishing the licence fee will become roars from the toerag benches, if the current trend continues

  5. Tories think they can say anything they like and because they have a corrupt media supporting them they can get away with it.

    As usual Question Time time was packed with Tory supporters, but Labour supporters were not going to be drowned out.

    Several times that evening Dumblebum interrupted to stop relevant information from being expressed.

    Two things cross my mind, are we being softened up for a snap election or is there something the Tories want to divert attention away from that will be most damaging to them, as if there is much more.

    This Tory government is rotten to the core, every day they remain in office the more damage they will inflict on us all.

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