Breaking: rough sleeping rises by 169%

In another stark symptom of the bleakness for many of life under Tory government, the latest statistics for homelessness reveal that rough sleeping has risen by 169% since the Tories took Downing Street in 2010

The number has risen by 15% – from 4,134 to 4,751 – in just the last year:

rough sleep.jpg

Twenty-four percent of rough sleepers are on the streets of London – an increase in the percentage since last year. Fourteen percent are female and eight percent are under twenty-five years old.


Homelessness is a far wider phenomenon than rough sleeping, with hundreds of thousands forced to endure short-term hostels and bedsits, but the sight of those forced to sleep on the streets and in doorways is one of the most graphic depictions of the ills of our society and the need for change.

The government statistics may represent just a part of the picture, however, as some homelessness charities say the real number of rough sleepers – and of homelessness in general – is far higher.

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  1. the only people sleeping well in britain today are the tories – callous, cruel and without a care in the world

  2. Massive underestimate but that will always have been the case.
    Ideas, humanity and the moral imperative to do more than shift responsibility onto the voluntary sector are conspicuously lacking in May’s incompetent bunch of feeler-uppers and placeholders.

    And now they’re being outed they want to increase their stranglehold on the media to protect themselves from criticism?
    I’m pretty old but I think I can still throw most of them about ten feet 🙂

    1. Hi David, By your reply, I take it you would trust the Tories by how far you can throw them!
      That being ten feet!
      Now, I wouldn’t trust them that far!
      Mine would be a ZERO TRUST, I wouldn’t even pick them up!
      Like you, I’m old too!

  3. This has not been caused by Tory policies but by the wilful obstruction by liberal lefties thwarting the policies of the Tories. If Tory councils had been able to force them from public view as they wanted to then none of the rough sleepers would have been counted. Shimple.

  4. Nothing to do with judging trustworthiness – that would be like choosing between May and Green in a beauty contest – happy to throw any that turn up on the doorstep.
    Put a sign by the front gate before elections when I lived in the stockbroker belt. No volunteers 🙁
    If anyone can think of a fair handicapping system…

  5. You are only counted as rough sleeping if you are lying down and asleep, on the street, normally, relatively early in the night.
    The charities that are normally commissioned to the counting are happy to use the wilfully blind methodology of govt. as a quid pro quo for the other funding they get, as with home-office snitching!

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