308 Tories voted last night: “Fundamental Rights not part of domestic law on or after exit day.”

Last night, the Tories launched a major – if predictably misleading – propaganda campaign on social media, claiming that Labour’s attempt to defeat a bill about post-Brexit laws was an attempt to ‘block Brexit’.

The bill was actually about which EU laws would be carried over into UK law when we leave the EU in 2019 – and it included a provision that was hugely revealing about Tory intentions post-Brexit.

The key and most distasteful aspect of the bill – which has received very little coverage by mainstream media – was contained in a very specific sentence describing what would not be included in UK law outside the EU:

eu charter.png
“The Charter of Fundamental Rights is not part of domestic law on or after exit day.”

This means that, from day one of Brexit, the rights enshrined in the EU’s Charter will be repealed – with no promise in last night’s bill that they will be replaced by any other guaranteed rights.

And what rights are those? The EU’s web page for the Charter lists them under six headings:

Dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens’ rights, Justice

More specifically, they include such crucial themes as the rights of children and minorities and the right to be protected from hate. They also include our rights:

  • to life
  • not to be tortured, or experimented on against our will
  • to liberty and security
  • to private and family life
  • to freedom of thought and expression
  • to academic freedom
  • to education
  • to equality before the law
  • to fair and just working conditions
  • to be protected from unfair dismissal
  • to social security and protections
  • to vote
  • to good government
  • to freedom of movement
  • to a fair trial

and much more.

Last night, 308 Tories – and ten DUP MPs – voted to remove those protections.

It’s not hard to imagine why – nor to see why they’d want you thinking it was about Labour MPs ‘trying to block Brexit’:

dg gig exciting.png

Whether you want to leave the EU or remain, what matters most is what kind of country we live in – and the Tories have just voted to remove a fundamental protection of our standard of living and of our way of life.

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  1. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen.
    One of the many reasons why I voted to remain was because I knew we’d end-up being shafted by the tory gov’t.
    The tories will continue to remove all benefits and freedoms from the majority of people, and give unlimited power and advantage to private companies. #fortherfewnotthemany

  2. It was always on the cards suits the Tories down to the ground. Gives them the freedom to hire and fire at will as well as cutting back completely on welfare. Think about what some Tories have said this week re the unemployed

  3. Brexit ” taking back control ” !
    So no rights then great … and yet some working class folks continue to vote Tory

  4. Whilst allowing current EC migrants (and our citizens in Spain etc.) to remain from day one of Brexit (plus compassion for refuges); having new migrants needing job offers; bringing back migration adjustment funds for councils (scrapped by Tories & Lib Dems); trade unionising migrant workers; and Govt paying the EC collectively for individual UK companies to have free access to EC markets; Labour could have a landslide and then we would control labour and capital supply (as it was for countries before Neo-Liberalism).
    As an independent nation state we could still do deals to co-operate with Europe on policing, security, research & development, student exchanges etc. etc. Perhaps the Tories are kegging it as all they have to offer is the MASS INSECURITY of their CHEAP LABOUR NEO-LIBERAL PARADISE (for the few not the many) but Neo-Liberalism’s weakness (as well its redistribution of wealth to the few) is it starves citizens of purchasing power and capitalism can only survive if the masses can buy commodities. It has perhaps painted itself into a corner, kept afloat by quantitative easing, a potential housing bubble, and unsustainable levels of personal debt. Perhaps we transform the UK (as an example to other countries) by state-led public investment and as citizens take back control with democratic public ownership (with staff and communities having a say). Labour is in a good place – financially secure (thanks to JC), with a mass membership, a sincere and committed left wing democratic socialist leader plus there are thousands of committed and talented diverse working class and progressive middle class men and women out there who would be more than willing to step up if needed. Genuinely for the many not the few! Solidarity!

  5. What gives the Tories the right to take away our fundamental rights to live as free people in the Country that we all help to build?
    Our blood sweat and tears put this Country on the map, we died fighting FASCISM, the freedom to live like equals amongst one another!
    Yet this minority government are doing their worst to drive us back to a time when we had no rights and lived on, if we had a job, tips!
    Will, we the voter, let them do their worst, or are we going to stand together as equals and shout out as one, YOU BUNCH OF SELF RIGHTEOUS SHITES, WE DON’T WANT YOUR LIES, OR YOUR POLITIC NONE THINKING BULLSHIT!
    I know it’s long and drawn out for a slogan, but that’s JUST how I feel!

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