Labour’s reshuffle – the new appointments

New Shadow Minister Laura Pidcock

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX was the only media outlet to flag that a Labour reshuffle was imminent. Today, Labour has announced the following appointments by Jeremy Corbyn to his front bench:

Shadow Minister for Pensions – Jack Dromey MP

Shadow Minister for Labour – Laura Pidcock MP

Shadow Minister for Planning – Roberta Blackman-Woods MP

Shadow Minister for Social Care and Mental Health – Paula Sherriff MP

Shadow Minister for Buses – Matt Rodda MP

Shadow Minister for the Treasury – Clive Lewis MP

Shadow Minister for the Treasury – Lyn Brown MP

Shadow Minister for Fire – Karen Lee MP

Shadow Minister for International Trade – Judith Cummins MP

Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office – Chris Matheson MP

Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office – Laura Smith MP

Shadow Minister for International Development – Dan Carden MP

Shadow Minister for International Development – Preet Gill MP

Corbyn’s strengthened team includes a number of great MPs from the 2017 intake, as well as ‘unity’ appointments and a welcome return for Clive Lewis, and will make Labour even stronger.

Congratulations to all.

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  1. Shadow Minister for Buses? Very welcome – but shouldn’t it be Shadow Minister for Business?

  2. Disappointed about Chris Williamson. His ideas about Council Tax are very interesting. I think sacking him was very extreme. Is Jeremy Corbyn being pressurised by someone?

    1. Possibly, but commenting on topics that are someone else’s brief is frowned on, and could clearly lead to cock-ups at best; allowing him to resign is mid-way between terminating with prejudice and a slap on the wrist. I suspect that he’ll be back in due course

  3. After strengthening the Labour front bench the only remaining change required is to sack and replace the untrustworthy General Secretary of the party, Iain McNicol.

    I would advise Mr Corbyn in the strongest possible terms to invite Mr McNicol to fall on his sword as soon as the NEC result is called and he has the clear majority on the National Executive Committee he requires to do so.

    1. How I wish. I would really celebrate the day he’s shown the door. Awful man. Just awful.

  4. Jack Dromey
    Can’t stand this Tory. Nor his wife.
    However, understand why #JC4PM would include him.
    Keep your enemies closer and all that.

      1. Chatting about Corbyn’s reshuffle with a friend of mine (not a Labour Party member but very much on the Left) he asked me, cautiously, “is Corbyn beginning to give in to the right wing of his party? Is he losing his edge?” I leave that question here, hanging in the air….

      2. unfortunatel for labour the right-wingers outnumber left-wingers by about 2 to 1

      3. Having people like Laura Pidcock in the shadow cabinet is hardly going to the right is it? Why do we have to keep having this conversation about right and left. Corbyn has never been hard left, Corbyn has been on the side of what is correct which has led him to being right on all the big issues facing the country. I’d be more inclined to point this out than talk about him losing his edge. I’m pretty sure being the astute politician he has proved he is, he has it all covered!
        Remember that saying? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Also what Corbyn has always been about is democracy and he will include people he doesn’t necessarily agree politically with. “I’ll leave this hanging – let’s keep our attacks for the Tories and work to remove them from office”

  5. At the infamous PLP meeting at the launch of the chicken coup in June 2016, Chris Mathieson joined in the tide of snark aimed at Jeremy Corbyn, quoted as saying something like

    ” I’ve won a seat off the Tories, which you have never done”

    ( apologies I can’t refer to the exact quote at the moment)

    Chester CLP members I converse with – who are generally suspicious of the “hard left” – are in no doubt of his continued hostility to Corbyn.

    I hope this isn’t another asp being welcomed into the bedchamber.

  6. So glad to see the enthusiastic hard work of new M.P Laura Pidcock rewarded !

  7. Corbyn was never a candidate in a Conservative seat. It would have, therefore, been impossible for him to win a Conservative seat. Somebody should have pointed this out at the time.

    Owen Smith and Angela Eagle have never won a Conservative seat either. Did that prevent him from supporting them? I bet it did not.

    1. Correction: Angela Eagle won Wallasey in 1992 overturning a Conservative majority of 279.

      Apologies for this error.

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