Breaking: clean sweep for left-slate candidates in Labour NEC elections

The three additional places to Labour’s NEC have been won by the grassroots left-slate candidates, Rachel Garnham, Yasmine Dar and Jon Lansman, by significant majorities:


As the SKWAWKBOX predicted, comedian Eddie Izzard was the nearest challenger. The independent challengers performed creditably and did not ultimately affect the outcome.

Labour can now press on with the re-democratisation of the party.

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  1. Lets all hope that their first job will be to reinstate all those suspended by the last NEC.

  2. I hope there is a complete overhaul of the NEC starting with the dismissal of McNichol, The party has to put people at the forefront of the agenda when drafting policy. This is the time for Corbyn to shine.

  3. Great news now to get rid of Mcnicoll and reinstate George Galloway

  4. I’m personally pleased because I spent 2 months emailing and telephoning to try and get a ballot paper sent. Oddly the Party was able to email me in reply to the complaint without any difficulty but still said there must be a problem with my email address when it came to sending a ballot. I never received one and so couldn’t vote; just add one more vote to the top three! I wonder how many ballots were never received?

  5. Brilliant News, let’s hope we can soon see the back of McNicol and the other traitors.

    I bet Eagle, Creasy and that fat chump Watson are worried now! We need to be fast as the Tories shambles could collapse any day now.

  6. Great result and close to the 60% votes for the Corbyn Left but expected Lansman to come third but perhaps Garnham least well known – good discipline from Corbyn supporters. Next time perhaps candidates for the left slates write 1,000 word statements and left pick OMOV or is that too left wing democratic socialist? But still a very good result as things stand.

  7. My Second reply to the great news on the left slate.
    I wish them well in their new jobs.
    I would hope, we who were suspended, get our wishes answered! Against those, who suspended us?

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