Desperate Tories’ fake news: claim credit for EU law change

When you’re desperate for some – any – good news, you’re sometimes go to desperate lengths to claim a win. Based on Friday morning’s events, the Tories are desperate indeed.

The Conservatives’ official Twitter account made a big fanfare of the, er, ‘Tories” change to rules on credit card charges:

tory cc

The only slight problem with this claim was that the Tories hadn’t banned credit card charges at all.

The EU had.

At almost exactly the same time as the Conservatives were trying to lay claim to the credit for the change, the EU Commission account was tweeting the real facts:

eu cc

The EU tweet linked to the actual law change – the new Payment Services Directive – with full details of the European law change to:

make it cheaper, easier and safer to make electronic payments

It turned out that about the only thing the Tories could claim credit for was changing the wording of the tweet slightly and using a different credit-card picture.

sarc applause.gif


An example of the routine, shameless dishonesty of the Conservatives? Priceless.

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  1. This is twice in less than two weeks. The EU banned plastic bags they voted aghainst it. Lo and behold its a victory for the Daily Mail when they steal it as a new green policy. To use Dickhead Littlebrains words
    “You could’nt make it up”

  2. As this article demonstrates, the Conservative Party’s default position can be summed up in one word: lie.

    As government is a matter of trust, this default position clearly makes the Tory party unfit to govern.

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