Labour NEC member live tweets from jammed tower lift

Screenshot_20180113-162100.jpgLabour National Executive Committee member and councillor was trapped in a tower block lift for around 20 minutes today, with a number of.other activists.

Unable to reach help within the building and with no help yet available from the lift company, she used her initiative and live-tweeted the experience to raise awareness of their situation:

Rescue arrived and no by-elections were triggered, but everyone showed remarkable composure in a literally tight situation.

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  1. Hang on mate – 20 minutes, that’s nothing. My friend was stuck in a lift in Moscow in the 1980s for 5 hours with 10 Uzbekis; he couldn’t speak Russian, none of them could speak English – properly behind the Iron Curtain as it were. That wasn’t news and no-one reported it. If you want to be taken more seriously than the Guardian (and there are a billion good reasons why you should, don’t get me wrong), stick to real news.

  2. Hang on mate, this is not the 1980s, nor is it in Russia. It’s a lift in a tower block in England.
    The lift jammed, trapping several people, male and female, including two Islington councillors, in a very hot, confined space. The emergency telephone was not working.
    I’m sure that in those conditions, my bladder would be issuing a warning.
    Where is your empathy?

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