Labour right and media give away their obsession with this blog

Seems at least some of the right-wingers in Labour can’t stop thinking about the SKWAWKBOX. When Chris Williamson resigned his front bench post, it was big news – but some decided it was an opportunity – to have a dig at this blog.

With all that going on, former S*n journalist Kevin Schofield – who recently enjoyed a nice night out with Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy and former MP Michael Dugher – found time to talk to a ‘Labour source’ about the fact that we think very highly of Chris Williamson:


The decision to try to make this a thing reveals a lot about the extent to which we inconvenience certain right-wingers, as do the regular attacks from various quarters. Which is fine by us.

As for Chris W, we stand absolutely by our comments – and in solidarity with the Derby North man, whether he’s on the front bench or the back benches.

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  1. We need 350 Left Wing democratic socialist (diverse) Labour MP STARS who work with the grassroots in a bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialist approach. The Right Wing Labour MEDIOCRE “Great Men and Women of History” (without an original idea in their heads) have had their day. We face Tory Barbarians here and Right Wing Barbarians around the World who act on behalf of the rich – THE TRUE LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET. Time to organise diverse working people internationally! And some of us are so bored with Labour’s Right Wing Little People who are irrelevant. At least for those supporting Jeremy Corbyn HISTORY WILL KNOW THAT WE EXISTED! Solidarity!

  2. Hey Skwarkbox, Namaste 🙂

    It pains the right-wingers who are failed that your site is successful and gaining popularity, notoriety, and increasing its reach and coverage daily. They would be unable to say the same.

    Enjoy the exposure and publicity 😉

    Love and Peace, Namaste 🙂


  3. Blair sacrificed socialism for votes and won. We cheered in hope of a gradual return to principle but New Labour attracted more and more “centrist” entrants.

    They can’t be blind to the fact that right wing policies are destroying everything that’s good about Britain – or the fact that the electorate see that and are moving leftward – and yet they persist in giving comfort to the Tories by decrying socialism at every opportunity.

    Can they possibly be so deluded as to think that the tide will turn again in their favour when the only possible result of Tory policy is more austerity and an increasingly informed and infuriated electorate?

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