Video: ‘No NHS crisis, we have a plan’ – but Hunt admits last-minute

NHS England has told the BBC that there is ‘no NHS crisis’ because they have a plan – an interesting interpretation, since you can make plans to deal with a crisis and it’s still a crisis.

But Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – finally forced out of hiding to be fairly gently interviewed by the BBC’s Health Editor today – made a nonsense of that claim by admitting that the cancellation of tens of thousands of operations was a last-minute decision:

Hunt’s admission that the situation in the NHS was only looked at by his emergency committee yesterday makes a mockery of the rationalisation that the NHS is not in crisis because ‘we have a plan’.

Not a plan that involved what most would consider logical – making sure the NHS has the staff and resources it needs to cope with the inevitable winter demand for its services.

A plan that includes the last-minute cancellation of all ‘non-urgent’ procedures – which does not mean that delays will not cause pain or harm – in response to a crisis. caused by the failure to plan to meet demand and maintain services without needing cancellations.

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  1. hunt admitted that the NHS under the Tories is unsustainable and that he will be forced into raising alternative funds, flogging it off to his multinational friends to repeat the bail outs such as east coast main liner this is worthy off Trump but he is a more accomplished liar

  2. Jeremy Hunt has no defence.

    He is underfunding the NHS and, according to studies, as a direct result 30,000 people are dying avoidable deaths each year.

    Whether or not that outcome is intentional makes no material difference.

    In the final analysis, Jeremy Hunt is directly responsible for killing 30,000 people every year.

  3. Gosh! How the public’s tolerance is being stretched; for how much longer?

  4. This video shows Hunt explaining, or shall I say doing his best not to explain how is grand plan will end up using American Insurance funds to provide health care in this country.

  5. Is it getting really close to pitchfork-sharpening and clog-throwing time for the rest of you or is it just me?

  6. Of course there is a plan…privatize all profitable parts of NHAS England and run down the rest leaving a poor quality service for those struggling in the current extreme Capitalist neoliberal market fundamentalist system. UK is no longer a civilized society when health care is based on ability to pay rather than a fundamental right for all, on the basis of need.

    For anyone who may not have watched this 1 hour documentary, I post the link again. ‘Sell off- The abolition of your NHS’. Please share with friends, family and workmates etc.

    Dr Bob Gill and team are crowd funding a follow up documentary ‘The great NHS heist’ which I believe is nearing completion but funding is still required. A quick search will find the pages.

    1. Oops, an A snuck into ‘NHS’ which I didn’t notice before posting my comment.

  7. NO the ONLY “Plan” is to privatise the NHS under the Tories .
    Keep spreading the word and bad news as one hopes it will eventually sink into those floating voters why Labour represents their best interests.

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