SEVENTEEN homeless people died in 2017, average age only 46 – just in Brighton


The Argus reported last week the shocking fact that – just in Brighton – seventeen homeless people died in 2017.

At an average age of just forty-six.

These poor people were not, according to the local paper, all sleeping on the streets but rather ‘without a permanent roof over their heads’.

Theresa May’s response to the problem of homelessness was, infamously, to take offence and lecture the public that homelessness does not just mean living on the streets:

Even the fact that the question was about child homelessness made no difference to the callous Tory leader.

And when Jeremy Corbyn challenged her at PMQs to promise a reduction in the problem of child homelessness, she refused to pledge even one fewer:

Use whatever formula you like to extrapolate the death toll in Brighton to the rest of the country – the scenario is chilling to anyone with even a vestige of humanity.

But while Theresa May and the Tories are prepared to rationalise, justify and misdirect in order to divert attention from it, it’s apparent that they are not moved to prevent the horror of early deaths linked to homelessness being repeated in 2018 and beyond.

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  1. It’s a sad reflection of what this country has become during 2017 under the tories, that homeless people are dying and children are no longer protected and cherished, for the need of a decent home and adequate, healthy meals,
    Let us have another General Election in 2018, and that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn gains a huge majority, so that we can return to being the compassionate, caring country of which I was proud.

  2. Do we really want (have) to wait for whatever ‘powers that be’ to decide when we have a General Election! Despite the arse licking of the MSM, including the BBC, and the Tory Lites in the PLP and the rest of the Labour Party, it is surely patently obvious that this Tory Government can no longer Govern with any real sense of authority! It needs to be removed any way we can and as swiftly as we can remove it! Surely democracy does not demand of us that we, the people, wait and watch while the Tories destroy all in the name of privatisation, not least being the NHS (what’s left of it)! If democracy demands this of us, I’m not sure that this system that we seem to have, a system which seems to be highly manipulatable by the elite who claim to rule, is no longer a genuine democracy! In fact, I’m not sure that putting an X on a bit of paper is enough for us to recapture what has been taken from us, without our consent, over the last 40 years! What we look as though we’ve got is a system of democracy which favours the very well off few rather than the many, no matter which way the majority vote goes!

  3. Of course rough sleeping is the fault of government but I fail to understand why local authorities and mayors to not provide emergency night shelter for people in desperate situations. To do nothing and leave people to suffer on the streets is practically collusion and it seems to make no difference if councils are so-called ‘green’ or ‘labour’. This should be an absolute priority for them. There should and could be zero tolerance.

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