Excl: ‘centrist’ over-reaction to Xmas message continues. Williamson responds

Early on Christmas morning the SKWAWKBOX covered the initial centrist ‘humour fail’ toward Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson’s tongue-in-cheek Christmas message.

Not realising when to stop digging, Labour’s right-wingers went into full-on outrage mode, claiming Williamson’s humorous and warm appeal to nay-sayers to get on board and help Labour into government to put Labour’s policies into practice was not only threatening MPs with deselection..

The quotes, in a PoliticsHome article titled “EXCL Labour frontbencher criticised for deselection hint in Christmas message“, don’t merely tip over the edge into surreality – they leap over it screaming, feathers ablaze.

One called the satirical video ‘creepy’, while:

polhome cw.png

Or perhaps the point is simply to mimic the setting of the Queen’s Christmas message for humorous purposes. The quotes are so far over the top and so clearly silly that they raise a question: why publish the article?

Taking off the kid gloves he wore for his Christmas video, Williamson told the SKWAWKBOX:

These anonymous so-called Labour MPs should get real. The zeitgeist has moved on from the discredited New Labour era.

The country doesn’t need Establishment forelock-tuggers in Parliament. People want politicians who will stand up to the elites and corporate vested interests who want to preserve the status quo – a status quo that is increasing their wealth pots while simultaneously impoverishing millions.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is defining the politics for the 21st century, which embraces democracy and solidarity. If these unnamed Labour MPs can’t embrace this new kind of politics perhaps they should look for another ‘career’.

As the late Tony Benn said,

Ideas without action will for ever remain as academic works, scholarly but sterile, and leaders are only important in so far as they truly represent those whom they serve.”

The real history of any popular movement is made by those, almost always anonymous, who throughout history have fought for what they believe in, organised others to join them, and have done so against immense odds and with nothing to gain for themselves, learning from their experience and leaving others to distil that experience and use it again to advance the cause.

The lessons for Labour, which Williamson touched on in his video, are plain.

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  1. These so called “Labour” Right wingers, should stop whinging and belly aching about their right wing views being destroyed, by us Democratic Socialist Labour Left voters, who want Jeremy Corbyn as the next Prime Minister!
    They don’t like it, resign and join the Tories!
    They’ll all be on the same page then!
    “Good riddance to bad rubbish”!

  2. The centrists in the Labour Party lost Labour the last election with their constant briefing, undermining and attacks against the party’s leadership and membership over the last two years. The incompetent and untrustworthy General Secretary, Iain McNicol, also played a key role in Labour losing the election by refusing to fund marginals despite the party having ample funds to do so.

    It is quite clear that they intend to continue with their mission to sabotage Labour’s electoral chances at the next election too.

    These people are nothing more than useful idiots for the Tories and traitors to the Labour movement.

    They present an existential threat to the Labour Party forming a government and as such must be expelled by any means available within the party’s rules.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Chris.
    The fact that the RW have to resort to manufacturing faux outrage to get column inches should surely make them realise that their discredited ideology has been rejected by the party. Why can’t they accept that they have had their time and both the party and the country have moved on and left them behind, they are yesterday’s men still clinging to yesterday’s ideas. If they can’t move forward with the vast majority of the party and the new mood in the country they should step aside with dignity and celebrate what they achieved during their time instead of trying to destroy the future as well as their own legacy and reputations

  4. ”He’s also setting his revolutionary sights on deselecting someone far more significant – the queen”

    Said like it’d be a bad thing.

    (Would be if it was just brenda. ‘Deselect’ the bleedin’ lot of ’em in my opinion)

  5. Never heard such feeble attempts to have a go at Chris. They are all utterly pathetic. Not for first time either. Chris flagged up safety of women on trains being very important and suggested women only carriages. You’d have thought the world was threatened listening to Stella Creasy – aided & abetted by Ms Phillips – She got stuck into him like a raving banshee. Chris said it was just an idea to set ball rolling. Ms Creasy would have none of it. I became so frustrated with her comments, as did others as she boxed herself into a cul-de-sac of her own making! In the end I said: “What is your true motivation in all this ridiculous smearing of Chris?” She never answered just blocked me.

    These right-wingers cannot cope with being challenged at all. As soon as you ask a serious question they block you. The have absolutely no backbone. One thing I will say for Tom Watson, so far anyway, that despite what gets thrown at him he doesn’t usually block people. Most of these RW just utterly pathetic.

    Question for all right wingers: Given Ms Phillips’ arguments about the importance of ‘gender’, what do they think about Ms Phillips ignoring important gender meeting to go to Murdoch shindig?

    That is a question I’d like answered by one of them. Ms Phillips has been banging on about it since Corbyn became leader saying he doesn’t have any women in his cabinet! She’s got a sight problem!!! Her chance to make her points at this important meeting and she didn’t turn up. Why was that? These people are just a load of over-indulged hypocrites. I hope they are all gone and very soon. Only people they care about is themselves.

  6. The persecution complex of the wreckers is entirely down to their own actions in trying to subvert the wishes of the members in favour of their own failed policies.

    Having said that, I do wish Chris wouldn’t use terms like ‘the elites’ this is an expression used by both sides and is meaningless unless the elites are unmasked.

  7. Oh how we long for a Welsh Chris Williamson. The bubble here needs to be burst, to release the socialism and energy that has been stifled here by the so- called moderates. While I won’t hold my breath on that, I would cordially invite Chris here to speak to CLPs where we need the encouragement to be loud, red and proud and for the many, not the few.

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