Ignore the BBC. Green’s removal is a sign of May’s weakness, not strength


The Establishment is already attempting to spin Theresa May’s decision to sack – or more precisely ask to resign – her deputy Damian Green as a sign of the PM’s ‘strength’ and confidence. The BBC’s Nick Robinson got straight to the point:

nr dg.png

Theresa May ordered an investigation into Green for ‘misleading’ – then didn’t like the verdict so she ordered another and got the same result.

As the Independent’s Jon Stone pointed out, Green’s troubles were ultimately of his own making.


But in spite of that, Theresa May didn’t want to sack Green – as basically admitted in her letter to him:

may sad green.png

tm dg .png

Even Robinson had to admit it in a different tweet:

nr dg2.png

What a tangled web spun. The truth is far simpler – May, desperately weak in spite of the pretence that her recent ‘deal’ with the EU was anything but a complete surrender – was forced to sack her closest front-bench ally.

Strong Prime Ministers don’t sack close allies that they don’t want to sack. May’s abject weakness meant she couldn’t defend a friend and ally even though she wanted to.

And no amount of supine BBC spin can disguise that Green’s removal – the third Cabinet-level dismissal/resignation in less than two months – is anything other than the crisis of a weak government (un)led by a ‘weak and feeble’ PM.

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      1. My understanding was that the cops found nothing illegal in the search?
        If that’s true and Green wasn’t charged with anything then by what possible right do cops – even retired ones – smear the despicable little turd?
        Police have NO legitimate interest in ANYTHING apart from CRIME.
        Disclosing information gathered in an investigation – of someone not even charged – can’t be tolerated however deserving of humiliation the creep might be.
        If the Tories let it pass it’ll be so we can’t complain when it happens to us.
        If WE let it pass it WILL be us next.
        Count on it.

  1. Theresa May obviously had her irony meter switched off when she (of all people) sacked Damian Green for making misleading statements

  2. If sacking Daimo is a sign of strength, May could become a colossus by sacking all of the ‘traitors’!

      1. At PMQ’s yesterday, may more or less said that being homeless implied sleeping on the streets without a roof over their heads….It doesn’t.

        So by the same token, does that mean that toerag MP’s ‘having a job’ is an implication they do some form of work??

        Just about everyone knows the answer to that one :/

  3. It’s she’s asked for his resignation, surely she looks weaker by not asking for bozo’s.
    The MSM claims Williamson is planning a leadership bid, I believe the idiot Gove is, with his bullshit I’m for the environment and then for getting rid of the workers directive. This is clear positioning on all sides of the party?
    All I see is doom for the nasty party

  4. green should be sacked as an MP not just a minister – what is wrong with the people here who will no doubt vote for him come the next election???? stupid british electorate!!!

  5. Often wondered how many votes fame/notoriety is worth to a candidate.
    I swear some voters take pride in having a tellywhore for an MP – as if it validates their judgement in some way.
    You see them swell with pride & play to the camera when some hack sticks a microphone under their noses.
    They can be fickle though. Ask Portillo 😉

  6. May, went to uni and worked with him and never really knew what his character was!
    That says a great deal about her!
    No judge of character, of any of the people around her!
    As she goes from day to day blaming those opposite for what’s happening in her own party!
    Lying to us the voter, robbing us blind with austerity and taxes, which she then gives to her ilk along with the Banks and Commerce!
    They now want a full investigation into the two police persons that blew the whistle!
    She needs to be careful, it may just open a can of worms in her PARTY!
    With all the wrong doings that are going on three of her high flyers gone more to follow!
    I just cant wait for these tories to be gone!

    1. Before June’s GE the right-wing press used to say. “How can Corbyn lead the Labour Party? He has no front bench”.

      The tables have indeed turned. How many more resignations is May away from governing (or pretending to govern) the country in splendid isolation and NO cabinet? Still, she can always rely on Arlene Foster and the DUP to see her through. At least until Foster realises that May has absolutely naff all solution to the Irish Border question in the Brexit negotiations.

      What then?

      General Election.

  7. Her choice of friends and close colleagues reveals very poor judgement . The Con’s attack on the police for flagging up important FACTUAL evidence pertaining to the CURRENT allegation of sexual harassment and inappropriateness, is vindictive and cowardly. An MP who sleazes during working hours on a works’ computer is obviously untrustworthy, for wasting public money and time and equipment on his private , and Pervy , sexual recreation and arousal. To lash out at a whistle blower is typical of this election cheating ,Referendum lying, attacking the rights and benefits of workers and the weakest, floggers off of public assets set of governing brigands, bandits, mavericks and self advancers

  8. I’d just like to see all Tories kicked out of Parliament as soon as! I’d actually like to see them kicked out of politics per se’ and permanently expunged from history but I suppose that’s too much to ask for!

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