Trump seems to think mass shootings and nazi rallies = “we’re doing just fine”

When Theresa May finally got around to condemning – kind of – Donald Trump’s Twitter share’s of tweets by a UK right-wing extremist, Trump responded, of course, on Twitter:

trump fine.png

“We are doing just fine”. Of course, he initially ‘did just fine’ by sending his tweet to the wrong Theresa May.

But apparently Trump has forgotten the murders at nazi death rallies and the continuing mass shootings – almost 400 mass shootings in the US so far in 2017.

Or, more likely, he approves or at best doesn’t care: he declined to condemn right-wing extremists after the Charlottesville horror and refuses to discuss gun control, saying the lack of it is not the issue in the US is not the problem in mass shootings.

Trump has also forgotten/doesn’t care about the rise in racist hate crime or the continuing disadvantages suffered by ethic minorities in the US – he has repeated racist jibes and was caught advertising for black people to create an appearance of diversity at his rallies, as well as repeatedly trying to bypass legal rulings against his racist ‘Muslim ban’.

He has also killed – for the latest of many times – the revivified corpse of irony by telling May to ‘focus’ on ‘Islamic Terrorism’ when the US is probably the biggest global promoter of terrorism.

And then there’s the little matter of his infantile handling of the North Korean crisis.

But don’t worry, Mr President. You’re ‘doing just fine’.

Although judging by the responses to your tweet, a lot of your fellow citizens think otherwise.

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  1. Well, he knows what he is doing……. and it is scaring hell out of me. One H was one too many!

  2. “we’re doing just fine” So fine in fact that due to idiots like Trump, many Americans have guns to protect themselves from each other!

  3. Perhaps not as many radical islamic terrorist attacks – but I guess you’re ‘doing just fine’ enough from middle-class whites going berzerk with automatic weapons, eh, Don?

    As if may’s gonna stand up to him ffs – she’s shittin’ bricks hoping & praying ‘Don’ will put the UK at the front of the queue, post brexit….

    Let me tell you now, tess…It ain’t gonna happen. The ‘special relationship’ will continue, all right….Yes that’s the ‘special relationship’ that saw the US relieve us of our technological breakthroughs in defence & aerospace, as well as financially, as payback for the WWII ‘lend-lease’ scheme (which was only finally repaid a few years back).

    Cor, lummee :/

  4. You are mostly right Mr Toffee but let’s not forget the one-way extradition treaty that allows our vulnerable citizens to be extradited on ‘Trumped’* up charges with no evidence in support of the same.
    I think we should extradite HIM. There is no shortage of well-evidenced charges. We could then accidentally on purpose hand him over to a suitable country* in return for a large fee. Ironic, extraordinary rendition we could call it. The world would certainly be a better place for it. He could take the brown nose bothers Farage and Gove as advocates, since English is only his second language. Bullshit being his first of course.
    Pip pip
    * pun intended.
    * Syria, North Korea, Iran et al

    1. Oh trust me, Paul – that wasn’t an exhaustive list…Obama gave the game away a few years back while on a tour of europe – when the country he happened to be in on a particular day was described as: “Our (usa’s) closest allies”.

      Then there was trump reneging on the Paris agreement the other month – While most of europe expressed disgust, may was merely: “disappointed”.

      It’s as though she’s shitting herself that Donald & the US might get a titty-lip and rebuke her open invitation to rape the NHS post brexit, if she tells him to get to f…

  5. The Neo-Liberal Capitalist Barbarians are trying to take control of the World. But remember they are legal thieves, they legally steal the surplus labour of working people, our labour really creates the wealth and makes societies work. Jeremy Corbyn and those who support him are trailblazers for working humanity. To update an old saying it’s Barbarianism or Left Wing Democratic Socialism. X

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