Trump caught ADVERTISING for ethnic actors to make rally ‘diverse’

trump grimace

The bizarre and disastrous presidency of Donald Trump continues, with Trump outed trying to perception-manage his rallies by paying black and ethnic people to attend them.

Trump’s minions placed an ad on the Craigslist pages for Central/South Phoenix asking for minorities to attend his rally in the city:

trump phx

Note that only ‘several’ minority people were required – clearly Trump’s people don’t want too many brown faces turning up, just enough to be able to claim there were some.

The ad, which was spotted by former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Marcus Ferrell, was originally here but was taken down once publicity about it started to build. However, it seems demand for places at the rally is low as it was replaced by another ad, offering a higher rate – plus a $10 bonus, CASH!:


No minorities mentioned this time, so maybe Trump is just ‘taking pot luck’ and hoping some will turn up. Even without the racist undertone, the idea that Trump has to pay people to turn up and listen to him speaks volumes.

There’s no indication the ads are a spoof and Mr Ferrell is a reputable source. If these ads are genuine, they’re bad enough in isolation – but coming just the week after Trump failed to condemn white supremacist terrorists who brought havoc and death to the streets of Charlottesville, they’re doubly damning.

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  1. Perhaps this is his attempt to HEEL his country ( as per his latest Tweet fiasco )

  2. No wonder he pointed and yelled “Look at my African American!” at a campaign rally. He wanted to show that it was money well spent.

  3. see my post tv coverage when speaking 8 people controlled by two autocues each with placards by their feet one controlled by an audience member were they the paid performers? notice trump turned to the right on cue to emphasise these placards.

  4. This sort of thing is not uncommon.
    At the 2015 general election, the Conservative Party paid people in kind to canvass for them.

  5. Your finance page wont accept my UK credit card registered on my French address. Needs sorting.
    Carol Fraser

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