Trump repeats racist pig-blood jibe – days after racists kill peaceful protester

Donald Trump appears to feel he wasn’t offensive enough when he compared violent neo-nazis to peaceful anti-racism campaigners earlier this week, just hours after one peaceful protester was killed when a white-supremacist terrorist drove a vehicle at speed into a crowd.

Not satisfied with the outrage he provoked and presumably eager for more approval from KKK leaders, he decided to make a race- and religious-hate laden tweet today to offend and horrify Muslims – including the many Muslims in the US who form an integral part of American society:

trump pershing

Trump was referring to a probably-apocryphal story about a US general soaking bullets in pig’s blood to execute Muslim rebels and/or burying their bodies with pig carcases to deter them from resisting US occupation when Pershing was governor of a Phillipine province in the 1920s:

trump pig

It is not the first time that Trump has used the story – he made it part of his dog-whistle campaign for the Republican nomination in the presidential contest.

But for him to use it again, now, just after one of his citizens died at the hands of a white terrorist and just after being reviled for failing to condemn racist ideology, Trump’s readiness to re-use a hideous and fictional story that will horrify millions even of his own citizens shows him unfit for his office, as well as personally racist, cognitively compromised or both.

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9 responses to “Trump repeats racist pig-blood jibe – days after racists kill peaceful protester

  1. A person who runs a forum down in the bleakest Tory backwater of Jesse Norman MP’s Hereford thought he was being original when he tweeted similar a few months back and naturally got a visit to his house from the local police.

    I advise people not to bother reading the comments here as it gives a disturbing insight into the sheer depth of human conditioning that’s been going on with half-formed, impressionable minds when they’ve been fed on a diet of Daily Mail / The S*n bile and hate and exaggeration for decades with no let up…

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  4. Between a rock and a hard place. No non-shit, non-disasterous options or choices in sight:

    Surveying the scene it’s impossible not to miss the fact that the old divide and rule strategy is working like a dream for the elite hidden behind the curtain. Two shite options. Heads they win, tails we lose. They certainly know how to press the right buttons to get everyone dancing to their tune.


  5. Why bring pigs into it? What have they done? If anyone is unhinged, it’s the human race.




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