Labour’s ground-breaking tweet leaves Hammond/May a Budget laughing stock

Philip Hammond is expected to announce a Budget today that will contain little of substance apart from huge give-aways to corporations, with a few meaningless tokens such as near-unusable rail-cards ‘to help young people get on in life’.

The Tories tried a pre-emptive smear against Labour to divert from the paucity of their thinking – and failed spectacularly.

But Labour has pre-empted Hammond’s woefulness with a superb short video of a WhatsApp chat between Hammond and May, with a contribution by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. It’s a spoof – but the fact that it’s entirely plausible and highlights the uselessness of Hammond and his boss rather than creating it, means he will be the butt of the joke before he even gets up to speak.

The BBC has already been making excuses for Hammond and May this morning, but Labour is using satire and social media to get the real point across far more effectively – and even fit in a dig against Hammond’s ‘there are no unemployed’ foolishness:

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  1. Great, on point satire but the situation is dire for the UK economy and so many of it’s citizens.

    What has UK come to when the institution of government has opened itself to satire and ridicule so easily?

    Ideological Tory extremists, clinging onto power with a bung cynically paid for by the public are still able to inflict huge damage behind the scenes as the privatisation for wealth grab and income streams for the few agenda rolls on in neoliberal ideology run constituencies, as well as in public services. putting UK at grave risk, it is no joke.

    Government advisors and civil servants also really must look in the mirror, they are not doing their job!

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