Tories even screw up their pre-Budget smear attempt

The Tories are clearly worried about tomorrow’s Budget. So worried that they tried to pre-emptively regurgitate a long-debunked smear about a non-existent student debt ‘promise’ that Corbyn never made.

But they are so useless they even screwed that up.

The Conservatives’ Twitter account put out their defamatory ‘fake news’ this morning:

tory oops.png

Thing is, the Shadow Chancellor doesn’t respond to the Budget. The leader of the opposition does.

One Jeremy Corbyn, who haunts the nightmares of every reeling Tory incompetent – and of whom they’re clearly so terrified that they blocked out the thought of facing him across the despatch box tomorrow.

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  1. They really are like the primary school brat; when confronted by the teacher, they say: “Whatever ‘x’ says I did, they’re lying”.

    Utterly predictable, and utterly useless. I thought tories were the experts at value for money…Obviously not – if they’re paying staff massive wedges to come up with these ‘strategies’ , but more fool the toerags for actually going along with it.


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