BBC treats right-wing fringe site as credible – but ignores British Med Journal

Alex Nunns is the author of The Candidate, the outstanding account of Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to the Labour leadership. Tom Mills is the author of two books, one of which – The BBC: Myth of a Public Service.

Neither, as you’d imagine, is naive about the BBC and its supposed impartiality.

However, both were shocked on Friday evening at the realisation that while the BBC had completely ignored a report linking 120,000 excess deaths with policies of the Tory government – it had treated a claim by a right-wing gossip site as credible enough to report:

mills nunns.png

The nature of the right-wing rag’s claim doesn’t matter. The BBC’s willingness to hide huge, crucial and indisputably newsworthy facts from the British public does.

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  1. Nothing surprises me with the BBC, ignoring a,major report from the BMJ, one of the most highly respected independent medical journals in the world but report on a rightwing blog from a confirmed alcoholic and tax evader.

    Either the BBC has information to discredit a major medical peer reviewed medical journal article or it’s frightened of upsetting the Tory government,,which many of it’s journalists and senior staff have strong links too or are true blue Tories, with many taking the revolving of Broadcasting House for Tory Central Office or No10 Downing Street.

    With chief Tory propagandist Laura Kussenberg getting shirty with her critics, you realise that she knows her Tory bias has been truly rumbled.

  2. we don’t have to take any notice of the bbc and don’t have to give them the air of expression – additionally we can stop paying the tv tax

  3. I like the adverts for RT around London “Watch RT and find out who we are planning to attack next”. I love the streetwise nature of that. I find RT a much better source of UK news and reports.


    Quelle surprise. :/

    Still, they’re not getting a shiny penny outta me – ever.

  5. It wasn’t that many years ago when the BBC was a bastion of unbiased news reporting. My friends in the USA used to watch it as an antidote to their own anodyne news channels but not any longer.
    We watch the early evening BBC News and switch to Channel 4 News, every day now in order to compare them.

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