Govt #UC scandal: 41k kids/60k households no cash through xmas

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The Daily Mirror has reported today that the government’s mandatory 6-week waiting time for receipt of Universal Credit (UC) will mean sixty thousand households and around forty thousand children will be deprived of all income from now until Christmas – forcing those families into a penniless Christmas.

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The Tories’ advice to those affected? Call the helpline – which won’t reduce the waiting period.

The Mirror reports that the government makes an emergency fund available – but that this is limited to two weeks’ worth of payments, nowhere near enough to bridge a gap of at least six weeks, with almost a fifth of claimants waiting significantly longer.

The UC waiting period was originally just three days, but was increased as a cost-saving measure. According to the Mirror, Foodbank usage has leaped by thirty percent in areas where the system has been rolled out.

MPs yesterday held an emergency debate on reducing the 6-week wait, but DWP Secretary David Gauke didn’t even bother to attend. Tory MPs again abstained en masse, so the motion to reduce the wait from six weeks to four passed unanimously – but the cowardly and ‘consciously cruel’ Tory government is unlikely to heed the result.

The Mirror’s news comes just days after a report showed 120,000 deaths have been linked to Tory policies.

The net effect of Tory callousness and incompetence is the persecution and even killing of the poor and vulnerable of this country – and all under cover of wilful economic idiocy and untruths. Mere electoral defeat is not enough. Criminal prosecutions of those responsible need to follow.

If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the people affected by the Tories’ conscious cruelty, the Mirror’s article also links to a guide to finding help and support.

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  1. Don’t worry it will be on PM tonight and any questions and the Today program and the ignoramus Jeremy Vine show and Laura Kuensberg will grill the prime minister on tonight’s news and Sara Vain will write a sympathetic article in The Daily Hail and no Tory MP’s will have a laugh about it…………….uh ..why the f***k did you wake me up this early.

  2. Ideology gone mad causing such cruelty, worry and distress by a government intent on further punishing the victims of their extreme ideology. This is unspeakable, intentional cruelty imposed by an out of control dark parody of a democratic government that had to buy it’s title as government.

    Christmas period is a time of giving and ‘good will to all men’, it is also the darkest and often coldest period of the year… exposed is a taste of the real self proclaimed ‘British values’, a centre of the so called civilized ‘free world’… these are the ‘values’ Britain spreads to targeted resource rich parts of the world in it’s never ending ‘regime change’ operations and destabilization efforts… is it any wonder there is resistance to imposed ‘British values’?

  3. This isn’t accidental it’s been planned, what better way to push people over the edge than make sure they have no money for Christmas, if there aren’t plenty of deaths as a direct result then they’ll be looking at way to look as if giving with one hand, reduce waiting time to 4 weeks, hoping the gullible will ignore the extra 7 days wait till you can apply for UC in the first place, either the hardship payments will be reduced or to keep the suffering levels up have it be repaid at a far quicker rate.
    120k unnecessary deaths = a huge financial saving add those figures to those already in the public domain and work out how much money these people dying have saved the treasury, a considerable amount going forwards. Some may think it’s OTT nope not at all!

  4. Theresa May has found a group of people that can’t fight back. She is ignoring the overwhelming evidence of the devastating impact that her policies are having just to prove how ‘strong’ she is.

    This Christmas is Theresa May going to pray for the victims of her inept incompetent leadership. Is she going to pray for those who’s hardship she has caused, the collateral damage from her desperate attempts to hold onto power

  5. The shops are going to love thie cos they will suffer as well. Who told thie lot they were competent? I beg to differ. Landlords and retailers are also voters.

  6. A child can see that the right to life is the most basic and inalienable of human rights.
    Start from there and everything else falls inexorably into place.
    Shelter, sustenance & medical treatment are essential to life.
    Denying those rights to even a few would deserve jail – denying them to hundreds of thousands is genocide in moral terms if not yet in law.
    Other rights – education, employment, connectivity etc. – are essential to quality of life and must be vigorously pursued for the many by those awarded the temporary right to govern.
    Now the incompetence of those who wish to oppress us is broadcast far and wide we can hope for a permanent end to their sly tyranny.

  7. Remember the ‘proud’ toerag boast of: ‘Labour didn’t signpost people to foodbanks – we did’. ??

    The toerags didn’t tell people they could ask for a callback when they were charging people to call the UC helpline. They were prepared to rip people off.

    Nor did they mention anything about the ‘Nil income form(s)’ the councils can give to people who are in abject penury while waiting for payment or those who’ve been sanctioned…They’re only too prepared to see people suffer instead.

    (Even the councils don’t mention them unless you ask, it must be stressed)

    Not much for them to boast about, is it?

  8. Is david gawp gonna be sanctioned for not informing the DWP?

    It’s my opinion that he, along with the rest of the DWP ministers between 2011 – present should be hit with the same £50 civil penalty (for each and every claimant affected) that they’ve imposed on people who’ve made the same ‘mistake’.

    Yes – from their own pockets. Shower of low-down rat-bastards.

  9. What do you expect from Tory Barbarians!
    The upper class welfare state gets £93b a year which is equivalent to £3,500 from each household.
    How do these Tory Creeps sleep at night?
    And that’s before the £120b annually in tax avoidance by the rich who AVOID GIVING TO SOCIETY and the $50tr stashed offshore by the rich globally!
    The Neo-Liberal capitalists who legally steal the surplus labour of working people (who really create the wealth and make societies work) ARE THE TRUE LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET!
    I hope Santa sprinkles Christmas dust on the poor kids, and many of us have been there.

  10. Why don’t you give the option of donating an amount over a mobile phone with a text message so that people like me don’t have to put card details on line. I would love to intermittently support you with a payment.

    1. Thanks, Carol, it’s appreciated! Unfortunately, it would be quite a technical undertaking to do that and not something we have any know-how in.


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