LabourList confirms anti-Lansman candidates are ‘slate’ – then deletes

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LabourList published an article this morning crowing about the decision this week of Bermondsey and Old Southwark (BOS) CLP (constituency Labour party) to back Izzard, Baxter and Josan for the three additional NEC places to be elected from the end of this month.

BOS is the home CLP of Momentum founder John Lansman and right-wingers were already crowing about this on social media last night, betraying a certain wilful ignorance about the way local Labour parties work – you’re stuck with your CLP because of where you live, no choice in the matter and Lansman is unlikely to have had time or inclination to start trying to whip votes in a CLP with one of the worst right-wing MPs.

So the embarrassment is minimal – far less, say, than the BOS MP being chastised by members of his own and neighbouring CLPs for his dire behaviour during the General Election campaign.

Of far greater interest, though, is how LabourList – well-connected to the right wing of the Labour party – described the NEC candidates nominated.

The LabourList article originally said:

Jon Lansman, founding chair of the Corbynista organisation, missed out as Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP backed three candidates who are running on the rival slate to Momentum

Izzard, Baxter and Josan have denied being a ‘slate’, while hard-right factions Progress and Labour First have tried desperately to camouflage their backing for the trio, even though a website promoting the ‘independent’ candidates feeds registrants information straight to both those groups, as the SKWAWKBOX revealed.

However, the wording of the article was suddenly changed – after a commenter on the original article pointed out the significance of the description:

ll peter.png


Few on the left are in any doubt that the three ‘independent’ candidates are being backed by Progress and Labour First for factional, anti-Corbyn reasons. Slips like this morning’s on LabourList – a site that uses the dismissive ‘Corbyinista’ to describe Corbyn-supporting members – merely confirm it.

LabourList’s editor was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time of publication.

The original has been archived below in case any further editing takes place:
Rebuff for Momentum chief as local Labour Party snubs his NEC bid _ LabourList

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  1. Progress centrists are so electorally toxic that they have to pretend their candidates are independent.

    If Progress is aware they can’t win the base without deception that is a tacit admission of the unelectability of centrist candidates.

    If you can’t win the base then you can’t win the country, which in turn means you can’t return a Labour government with Progress candidates.

  2. Time to call the RSPCA – they’ve been flogging a dead horse for so long that it must be cruelty – even though it’s long dead and stinks to prove it.

  3. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    I have to laugh at Progress and Labour List, in their attempts to make their 3 stooges look like Independants – do they really think we’re that stupid, we can’t see what’s happening here?
    Maybe they should learn not to refer to Jeremy Corbyn supporters as Corbynistas for a start?

  4. Yes the dire Progress and Labour First caught red-handed as they promote a SLATE of ‘3 crumbs for working people’ candidates. Whilst I was not happy how the Left slate was selected (should have been on OMOV by all of the Left) we have to show political maturity and BACK THE LEFT THREE! I have some sympathy with John re his CLP, my branch and CLP has a tiny working area surrounded by suburbia and meetings are sometimes dire (I feel like one of the few working class attendees) and most of them just like to talk and do nothing – it is the same few activists who do the campaigning (mainly Corbyn supporters) and in fact at meetings they seem to do all they can to block anything progressive; I’ve come to the conclusion that they actually ENJOY fighting the Left! But perhaps with their timidity (and clear lack of political reading) they perhaps keep working class people in poverty – economically and hold back working people from reaching their full potential? I think they actually want to drive the left out with pure boredom but we must hang on in their and remember nationally we are the 66%! BACK ALL OF THE LEFT SLATE!

  5. At my CLP, the Secretary stated that the official Party recommendation was to vote for Izzard, Baxter and Josan! To great derision, obv.

    The Right’s slate listed Izzard as “Lizard”, further confirming that Labour’s right is part of the Reptilian conspiracy 🙂

    We elected the Left Slate.

  6. That figures. Eddie Izzard was always shit, brave tranny or not. God, they’ll be fielding Michael McIntyre next!

  7. I am a member of our CLP – we didn’t even get a chance to vote at all. There was a statement that the 3 right wing “slate” candidates had been electe. Who by? Ahh … an executive decision!

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