Every person in UK needs to see this short film #WCA #ConsciousCruelty

The Tories are currently claiming that they have given ‘parity of esteem’ to mental health. Yet just last week the SKWAWKBOX shared the account of someone with severe mental health issues who just weeks ago was denied support based on a series of questions ,by a private company on behalf of the DWP (Dept for Work & Pensions), that concerned only physical health.

The film below is four years old. It was made by Tyneside Mind – and it won the 2013 Royal Television Society Award Winner for ‘Best Factual Non Broadcast’. Yet only a little over 21,000 people have seen it.

That needs to become every single person in this country.

In August, the mainstream media and the Establishment – including right-wing Labour MPs – rounded on the excellent Labour MP Laura Pidcock for saying that she regards Tory MPs as ‘the enemy’ because of the harm they do to people.

The vast majority of people, watching this film, will find it impossible to disagree with her.

Four years ago, this video typified the experience of many people – with mental and physical health problems – in the devastating impact of government determination to remove support from those who need it. The situation has only grown worse since.

Watch and share:

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  1. This a moving film. I just want to comment on the 0854 number of the Samaritans at the end, offered to anyone to ring if they have been triggered by this. I am surprised that PREMIUM phone number has been given since evidently many people who might want to use it will not have much money to pay PREMIUM rate phone calls….?

    1. It would of course be better to have a freephone number. The video details can’t be changed by the SKWAWKBOX but also bear in mind that it’s a charity, so may not be able to afford the cost of providing a freephone number.

  2. It goes without saying that the tories are the enemy within. The damage they are doing – right in front of all our eyes – is only to be expected of them – the REAL problem is that the nation is letting them get away with murder – you have to ask WHY????

    1. It’s mainly down to their propaganda machine…..the corporate right-wing press.

  3. The Tories erode peoples will to fight by first proving that no matter how hard they protest, the Tories will plough on regardless.



  5. Watching this film was like you had been spying on my life & thoughts & interview with dwp, it made me weep for those peoples trauma & also the fact that I can relate to @ least 80% of what they are going thru, when I had my assessment I cried thru the whole interview from the stress, the assessir wrote I was weapy, she didn’t look up from her keyboard once that i can remember, she wrote no eye contact, asked me if I had contemplated suicide, I siad yes, asked why I hadn’t, I’m scared I said, nothing on to the physical assessment, also I was kept waiting for over two hours, I was the only person In the waiting room the whole time I was there in the end I had to ask how much longer, it was like I didnt exist in that waiting room.

  6. Dear Lord! Who are these people that have no sense , no empathy and obviously blind to the needs of others.
    Who thinks up these crap questions and which doctors think they are apposite?
    Name and shame.

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