Urgent: Labour Irish society needs you for Wednesday’s vote to support JC


The Labour Party Irish Society needs your help to return to its radical roots, supporting the Corbyn leadership.

How has the right-wing Progress become so influential in various socialist societies? Well, now is your chance to find out – and to change the future of one of these important components of the Labour movement.

Elections for the Labour Party Irish Society executive are looming, with Progress director Richard Angell himself apparently defending a post.

If you’re interested in transforming Labour Party Irish Society into a genuine grassroots left movement which actively campaigns and builds links with the wider community, then the society will welcome you. You don’t need to be of Irish heritage – just to have an interest in Irish affairs.

Affiliated socialist societies are a vital component of Labour democracy and can play a decisive role in constituency Labour parties (CLPs) – including at the selection of council and parliamentary candidates.

The pro-Corbyn grassroots Labour left are currently mobilising to win elections to the executive posts at the Labour Party Irish Society AGM which takes place:

Wednesday October 25th at 6.30pm
Grimond Room, Portcullis House, Palaces of Westminster

Please sign up as a member here for just £10.

RSVP to the AGM here.

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  1. Current chair is a Jc support and so is most of the EC. This is irretrievably fake news.

    1. It’s a bulletin about a meeting, with a request for support. If Mr Angell is on the exec, it needs change. Get a grip.

  2. Among Progress’s many and varied gutter strategies is that of infiltrating affiliated socialist societies to exploit their outsized role in Labour party decision making (cf. the shameful carry on that saw Keith Vaz elected as BAME Labour’s NEC representative).

    Irony, much?

  3. What is this call to action even about???

    The current LPIS Chair Rita Conneely is a Corbyn supporter who literally hosted JC rallies in Kilburn during the 2nd leadership campaign – many other committee members are cut from the same cloth

    Rallying JC supporters to unseat other JC supporters *slow clap*

      1. That may be the case – but without prior knowledge one would be forgiven if they came away from this article with the belief that LPIS was a bastion of blarite / progress reps which is patently untrue.

        I would hope that skwakbox would be mindful of the influence you have amongst the pro-Corbyn left and use that responsibly, specifically and accurately rather than tarring pro Corbyn activists who are signing from the same hymn sheet

  4. Good call, SB

    Do you have any information on who the left candidates are or where AGM attendees can find out who they should be supporting?

    1. Sadly not, cards being played close to chests – you have to be there to vote, so information will be handed out at the meeting.

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