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The SKWAWKBOX has become one the most influential of the ‘new left media’, attacked and copied in roughly equal measure by mainstream media and journalists and with a significant impact on the UK’s political narrative, as well as bringing Labour Party supporters information they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

By design, we operate on a different model, offering all our content free of charge – we even pay extra for hosting to remove all ads, to ensure there’s nothing impeding the readability of the site. Getting good information out to people is the overriding priority.

The SKWAWKBOX also receives no funding from any organisation, so our independence can’t be compromised. This means that we depend completely on the support of our readers.

So if you’re able to do so without hardship, please do consider helping the work via one or both of the steps below:

  1. clicking here to make a one-off or modest regular donation via PayPal
  2. sharing this article on your social media

For reader comments on what we do and some examples of our impact, click here.

Thanks for your support!

10 responses to “Please support the SKWAWKBOX

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  2. I’m already trying to help – I set up a £3 per month direct debit about 12 months ago – and I’d help more if finances permitted but I’m actively raising funds and shopping for food and supplies, and giving as much cash as I can afford and the cash I can raise from friends (including Facebook friends), to support a wonderful group of people who are camping out in West Dorset while trying to prevent the dishonest government plans for shooting of innocent badgers.

  3. I tried to donate yesterday and today. I suspect the problem may be my end but wondered if anyone else was having problems. I donate with a card.

    I complete the page and click donate, the please wait timer page remains and the transaction is not completed. I waited 3 mins just now then closed the page. Same yesterday. Nothing has been taken from my bank account, so no worries my donation has gone astray…

  4. Hate of the day is having to treat every email from Labour as suspicious because it’s got McNicol’s fucking name on it…

  5. I agree with Seans verdict this is what I call ‘proper journalism’ the stuff the MSM fails to provide, with such an undertaking I’m more than happy to overlook the occasional mistake

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