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The SKWAWKBOX has become one the most influential of the ‘new left media’, attacked and copied in roughly equal measure by mainstream media and journalists and with a significant impact on the UK’s political narrative, as well as bringing Labour Party supporters information they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

By design, the site operates on a different model, offering all our content free of charge – even paying extra for hosting to remove all ads, to ensure there’s nothing impeding the readability of the site. Getting good information out to people is the overriding priority.

In spite of recent attempts by the media to imply otherwise, the SKWAWKBOX also receives no funding from any organisation, so our independence can’t be compromised. This means that we depend completely on the support of our readers.

So if you’re able to do so without hardship, please do consider helping the work via one or both of the steps below:

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  1. I’m already trying to help – I set up a £3 per month direct debit about 12 months ago – and I’d help more if finances permitted but I’m actively raising funds and shopping for food and supplies, and giving as much cash as I can afford and the cash I can raise from friends (including Facebook friends), to support a wonderful group of people who are camping out in West Dorset while trying to prevent the dishonest government plans for shooting of innocent badgers.

  2. I tried to donate yesterday and today. I suspect the problem may be my end but wondered if anyone else was having problems. I donate with a card.

    I complete the page and click donate, the please wait timer page remains and the transaction is not completed. I waited 3 mins just now then closed the page. Same yesterday. Nothing has been taken from my bank account, so no worries my donation has gone astray…

  3. Hate of the day is having to treat every email from Labour as suspicious because it’s got McNicol’s fucking name on it…

  4. I agree with Seans verdict this is what I call ‘proper journalism’ the stuff the MSM fails to provide, with such an undertaking I’m more than happy to overlook the occasional mistake

  5. I would like some criticism of Jon Landsman. But never likely to see any here. Bet you don’t even let this comment be posted.

      1. I have searched the site with the word “Landsman’ and I get no matches.

      2. Sorry spelled name wrong. However the articles reveal very little criticism of Lansman nor has there been any discussion on his stand on the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

      3. Have you blocked me?

        I tried to reply to a comment and I can’t.

      4. Hello Ella, No I haven’t blocked you or anyone.
        I’m having some difficulties at times logging on!
        I sometimes wonder I’m being blocked!
        I support Skwawkbox with a monthly payment.

      5. Steve – Off-topic but IMPORTANT!

        It occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t had any posts via email from Skwawkbox for a few days (not since Wed 1.25am post titled “Watson’s tantrum shows his pain as allies suffer in NEC’s candidate clear-out”) .

        A quick check of the archives reveals you’ve been posting as usual, yet my email alerts have dried up. I’ve tried re-subscribing but each time am told “There was an error when subscribing. Please try again”, which I do to no avail. So now I’m having to check the site several times a day to see if there’ve been any new posts.

        What’s going on? Have I been blocked? If this comment gets through ok, perhaps not. More alarmingly, has the Skwawkbox been hacked? Has any else out there been having this problem?

        Help! Thanks in advance,


    1. Frank I have criticised lansman a number of times and other posters who have criticised him and his fiefdom,but none that I have seen criticise the grass roots of momentum and the activists who are dedicated and Labour party members whom I have canvassed with.You really must be missing out on the reports and posts.

      1. I do actually agree with this Joseph OKEEFE ,but somthings gone wrong with the identity of this poster….are we cloned or is it just we all agree on lansman.I have just got back from Phnom Penh 30 minutes ago and not in the UK.Will be booking a flight soon if my doppelganger doesnt cancell. Solidarity comrades

    2. Frank.. I criticize the momentum lansman fiefdom at every opportunity until the messages sink in…..lansman is a liar and a active Zionist,The Corbyn project comes second to the prime motive of a Jerusalem capital in the promised land….this man is a danger to all true socialists.

  6. Sorry, I know this doesn’t really belong here but threads get old in WP’s format – move it or dump it it if you need to.

    Chap called Liam Parker on FB We Support JC shared this link to a piece that gave me a sense of relief that I’m not the only one thinks we’ve been walking on eggshells around the AS mongers for too long.


    This last paragraph sums it up quite well for me.

    “In order to put an end to this, there has to be a decisive repudiation of this political blackmail. Bernie Sanders was brutally pressured to back down on his claim that Israel had used disproportionate force during its 2014 assault on Gaza. He wouldn’t budge, he wouldn’t retreat. He showed real backbone. Corbyn should take heart and inspiration from Bernie’s example. He has to say: no more reports, no more investigations, we’re not going there any more. The game is up. It’s long past time that these antisemitism-mongers crawled back into their sewer – but not before humbly apologising to Naz Shah, and begging her forgiveness.”

    1. David mcNivan…..Basically what Chris Williamson said We have apologised too much onAS.Those of an higher profile than us are castigated and expelled eventually!.Why I why are the NEC not giving us the members any feedback on the witchtrials ?…..You’ve had ken Livingstone,and too many to mention but the silence from the NEC is appalling!

      1. I must say that 2 posts on here are not me,although I have criticized lansmen and his Zionism very worrying regarding what I am saying next. The good spelling and punctuation is a givaway….my education has always been poor!

    2. Needless to say, Norman Finkelstein is regularly slandered as a ‘self-hating Jew’ by the fakes.

      But he’s right – apologies where none are due are pointless – or worse – counter-productive.

  7. Great to see Skwawkbox back and if the site is being deliberately attacked it is a back handed compliment – it must be doing a bloody good job!
    Some of us don’t like sending money electronically but if you could set up a P.O. Box address I am sure many would be happy to send cheques made out to ‘Skwawkbox’ or whatever.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Echo your comments Bazza , good to see SB back up and running ,have book marked back up site as well , as nodoubt the bastards will try again.
      Increase in donations on the way to fight back ,,,, UP YOURS ATTACKERS !!!!!!!!

  8. Looking forward to my #WeAreCorbyn tee shirts!
    The SKWAWKBOX ones are way better kwality than the ones I usually buy 🙂

  9. The ruling class would turn us into slaves if they could get away with it. Skwawkbox.org is part of the resistance. It’s worth supporting

  10. I promise to donate if you lift or un-hack the block on email alerts that myself and at least John Thatcher (if not others) have experienced recently.

    I’m sure it’s not beyond you, provided you’re aware of it…

  11. David McNiven tweets to @BBCNews

    Why does the BBC never mention the conclusive evidence in “The Lobby” in which Shai Masot was filmed offering huge sums to anyone willing to oppose Corbyn and the BDS movement?
    We opposed apartheid in South Africa and we’ll oppose it in Israel.

    [The case that the Israeli embassy was encouraging Labour’s opponents to fabricate claims of “Labour antisemitism” was conclusively proven by “The Lobby” – a 4-part documentary which caused the Israeli agent Shai Masot to be recalled to Israel.
    Mr. Willsman was 100% correct.]

    If The SKWAWKBOX folds on this what is it for?
    Labour throwing Willsman to the wolves demeans us all.

    1. If anything the msm caused formerly apathetic floaters who watched it to start questioning the official line. Ignoring it has proved counter productive.

  12. David McNiven poses a question that is relatively easy to answer, given the standing establishment narrative of the BBC.

    But – what is a more pertinent question in terms of Labour is why (given that I’m gleaning information from the Groan), the ‘front runner’ for the leadership, RLB, has nothing to say (a) on the single most influential issue of the campaign – incredible media bias and (b) the contribution to that of total lying fiction by the Israel lobby and its representation in the Party by the JLM.

    If a potential leader is too scared to face these questions, they are, by definition, no leader. (Which may leave us a bit short in the talent stakes).

  13. I know and appreciate the main focii but please don’t other events like Immigration Bill put on hold, Venezuela pressure by USA OIL Companies told to withdrawal. Australian and USA manoeuvres in South China seas.

  14. To Editors
    In recent months I have posted the URL for specific issues as published online by Sqwawkbox, in the Guardian political blog, which normally is available daily -weekdays.

    Recently the Guardian monitors have deleted such posts from me. I have taken to copy-pasting some of the content of some of the items, into the Guardian political blog but I accept that may be contravening your copyright. If that is the case please let me know and I will stop.

    I think it is important that the issues you address in your blog deserve a wide audience and that is why I have tried to direct readers of the Guardian’s blog to your website blog.

  15. and still the article featuring Richard Burgon has not appeared on my feed…..

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