And the award for pithy tweet of the day goes to… #UC

Yesterday saw yet another shameful episode in what passes for the ‘life’ of this illegitimate Tory government, as the Conservatives whipped their MPs to abstain from voting on Labour’s motion against the government’s plans to press on with the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) in spite of its clear and huge harm to vulnerable people and its evident lack of fitness for purpose.

That cowardice meant that Labour’s motion passed by 299-0, but the Tories will try to claim that wasn’t a defeat because they didn’t oppose it. Only one Conservative MP had the moral courage to vote for the amendment.

Since an interview with the SKWAWKBOX in August, Labour MP Laura Pidcock has been pilloried by the Establishment media for saying that she has no desire to be friends with Tory MPs, because of the damage they are doing to her constituents.

Those attacks brought shame on their originators – but clearly the Establishment felt threatened by someone so clearly challenging the cosy Westminster status quo that too many Labour MPs have hitherto allowed to seduce them. The impact of ‘the interview that launched a thousand comment pieces’ still continues.

Twitter user Si McKeown has a track record for earthy tweets that get straight to the heart of the matter. His pinned July tweet is a perfect encapsulation of the nonsense of desperate right-wing claims of abuse by left-wingers:


Si excelled himself again with his summary last night with a tweet that juxtaposed the ludicrous attacks against Laura Pidcock and the Tories’ self-disgrace over UC:

sm 2

The nonsense of the idea that Labour MPs should cosy up to Tories who are putting people into penury and their shameful behaviour, both parliamentary and outward-facing, with regard to Universal Credit nailed perfectly – and all within 140 characters or less.

No wonder the Establishment is terrified of social media.

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  4. Just remind me what it was that Aneurin Bevan said about Tories ,
    Yep he got that absolutely right ,,, and so has LP .

  5. Superb contribution, as usual. Where would I go for news if there was no SQWAWKBOX? Bless your heart, Steve.

  6. Could he be any clearer with his statement, “I think not”!
    The more the right try, the less successful they are!

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