May’s speech nicked lines from West Wing. Disaster complete

If you thought Wednesday had got about as bad as it could get for Theresa May with the P45, the cough and the disappearing letters, you were wrong.

As Sky News spotted and Twitter user Dev Raval pointed out May’s speech appears to have nicked – almost word for word – lines spoken by Martin Sheen’s presidential character in The West Wing.

It’s a thing of beauty. Enjoy:

The SKWAWKBOX pointed out the other day that the media appear to have hidden Corbyn’s post-conference polling ‘bounce’ in the hope of presenting the Tories’ expected bounce as a come-back.

But while that was probably their plan, if the Tories get a bounce after a conference that gives car-crashes a bad name then it’s proof positive that there’s something skewed about the polls we’re presented.

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    1. Nothing’s unbelievable from that shower.

      They’re killing the disabled, driving the unemployed into abject penury and serfdom, and selling off public services to themselves that we paid for through our taxes, so they can fleece us even more – while giving themselves more of our tax £’s to facilitate the theft so they can avoid paying their whack.

      That they’ve been allowed to get away with these things is unbelievable.

  1. The more I find out about this speech of Theresa May’s the more I think that ‘car-crash’ does not do it justice – perhaps we should call this one a ‘plane crash’ of a speech?

  2. I apologise for my last explicit post containing the f-word to those who read it before being taken down. However, I think an alternative view is required by way of a rousing speech………..
    ” Never in the field of Tory party conferences, have so many, laughed so much, as when Teresa May’s “F” fell off, so in future years men (and women) will say, where were you when Teresa May’s F fell off?”
    Not a hint of plagiarism here as you can see…er Perhaps I had better get it checked for alternative facts by Donald Trump. It was the Americans who won the battle of Britain, wasn’t it?

  3. What the proverbial fu**! Only shows that where there is intelligence etc lacking, plagiarism raises it’s head. Wonder whose else’s statements she had been abusing.

  4. Same old same old. This is the third time I’ve heard these weasel words from her, outside number 10, the election campaign and yesterday, it may be a dream for her but it’s a nightmare for millions of others.

  5. I thought using the term ‘the British dream’ was absolutely ridiculous as it does not refer to anything. There is obviously a well established idea of ‘the American Dream’ which would be perfectly acceptable to talk about in the USA, but to invent a history of something that doesn’t exist just doesn’t work. It was an awful speech even without everything that could have gone wrong, going wrong.

  6. The irony too that she was saying (in the speech) that the Election was “TOO SCRIPTED” and “TOO PRESIDENTIAL” then this – you couldn’t make it up!

  7. Theresa May has become the Frank Spencer of British politics.

    If the Conservative Party possessed an ounce of compassion it would send in the men in grey suits to end this farce and put the poor woman out of her misery.

    1. I’m all for keeping the status quo within that ‘party’ meself.

      Let them carry on as per. I’m all for keeping the anaemic-looking zombie in her post, and the rest of the clowns in theirs. Not that I fear anyone coming in to do a better job from within their ranks; but the longer the bumbling nincompoops continue to balls things up, the more the working class s*n reading divs in the South, the South-West, in parts of Yorks and Notts and the Midlands what vote for them will wise up.

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