Video: what the BBC didn’t show you during May’s speech

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Theresa May’s speech will already be remembered for all the wrong reasons – from a Tory point of view – after the intervention of a man with a P45. A man of unknown motivation, although he seemed keen to look to Boris Johnson.

But if you thought the day couldn’t get any better – from an anti-Tory point of view – you’d be wrong. The backdrop to Mrs May’s speech had a message for her, too. One that you just couldn’t make up.

During her speech, caught on camera, the ‘F’ in the word ‘FOR’ in the slogan behind the PM chose to fall off:

An eloquent message indeed for an inanimate object. Twitter users weren’t slow to spot its signifiance:

Interestingly, the BBC’s live feed chose to switch to a 24-second pan of the ‘crowd’ at exactly the right time to miss the critical moment:

It’s unlikely they knew what was about to happen, of course, but it’s certainly an interesting coincidence. When Mrs May reappears on screen, ‘FOR’ has already become ‘OR’. If you want to watch it on iPlayer, it happens between the 12.44 and 12.45 time-stamps.

While the BBC managed to miss the ‘F’ moment, it did catch Mrs May’s constant choking on her words – and the irony of a letter dropping off ‘A country that works for everyone’ is of course unmissable.

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  1. Haha. Even if they knew (unlikely) they couldn’t hide everything. When they cut to the audience, there at the front was a tongue-lolling, brainwashed, nodding, swivel-eyed goon staring dreamily at his hero,who’s been bombing Yemen and swooning up against Saudi rectum.

  2. The whole episode was perfect. Karma in action. It’s enough to make you believe in some higher being with a dark sense of humour…

    And that Lee Nelson’s an effing legend!

    1. Simon Brodkin. Lee Nelson is one of his comedy characters.

      Yes, it was good. Security was reportedly handled by G4S.

  3. Thatcher deregulated banks & markets and legislated right to buy – two reasons we now have an economy based on house prices, shopping & finance – only one of which is an export.
    Now May plans to “fix” the housing market while Brexit weakens the City’s international position.
    We all just need to shop harder and it’ll be fine.

  4. I think it’s an omen. Some entity up there is trying to send her a subliminal message; since the ‘F’ fell off, or rearrange the following words into a well-known phrase or saying, ” Off Fuck”
    More tea vicar?

  5. Just another thought, to the sycophantic ” where were you when Diana died”? 9/11 et alia. How about ” where were you when the ‘F’ fell off”?

  6. The expression she had on her face when she arrived for her count, and for some time afterwards, on election night.
    The most enjoyable moment of the election!

  7. The journalist? Jeremy Vine gave over half an hour of his show today to elicit sympathy for the poor soul from the usual mob of sycophants, Dunning-Kruger bigots and r-sole crawlers.Not one caller criticised her. Compare this to the hatchet job he and the MSM did on Dianne Abbott for forgetting some figures during an interview on another radio station LBC. Repeating the faux pax ” it costs” over and over again. Although the BBC is not biased’ according to Nick Robinson and the other overpaid shower. Not one comment from Jeremy Corbyn as far know. Which goes to show what a gentlemanly statesman he is, a man of integrity. Can you imagine the field day the tories and the MSM would have had if the boot was on the other foot?

  8. I heard that she attended the builderberger meeting in the UK, so obviously not there for the people, so F off T may

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