Emergency hardware appeal

Early this year, incredible SKWAWKBOX readers raised funds for a new laptop to speed up the output of the blog. We hope you’ll agree its been a good investment, with the SKWAWKBOX making a national and even global impact in the intervening months.

This evening, the machine decided it doesn’t want to play any more and has sat on the screen below, saying one second to go on its hardware check for the past almost two hours, in spite of soft and hard reboot attempts:


It’s been worked pretty hard but the breakdown is still desperately annoying. The thing should still be under guarantee and will be going back to the manufacturer tomorrow for repair but may be away a week or weeks.

The machine it replaced is so old as to be virtually steam-powered, so managing with that for an indefinite period is seriously going to slow down the rate at which articles can be produced. Other writers, resources and machines are not in the same location as this one so can’t provide back-up. This article is being slowly and clumsily typed on a phone screen.

The plan, if we can raise the funds, is to buy a new machine for first-line use and keep the repaired one for back-up when it comes back. It will be a good idea to have a back-up with a decent spec for the one in front-line use anyway, in view of the position the blog now occupies as a leading left publication and of the level of output we try to maintain.

If you’re in a position to help without causing yourself any hardship, please click here to chip in.

The way we operate and our commitment to keeping the SKWAWKBOX free of charge and ad-free means we will always – by design – rely on the solidarity and generosity of our readers and supporters in this kind of situation, so your support is hugely appreciated and part of the co-operative effort to change our political and media landscape that this blog has always been.

Thanks for your time, whether you can help or not – and if you can’t afford to chip in, please share this anyway.


  1. Hey

    You are the best thing about Left media right now, so please accept my donation as a down payment on the next Jeremy Corbyn led Government.



    PS: How do I get hold of a Tee?


  2. Sorry, but we are subject to the whims of this mis-government who seem set upon sending sick, disabled and unemployed, not to mention pensioners, to their earliest graves possible, by cutting funds and imposing sanctions on the flimsiest of excuses, thereby causing as much hardship and distress as they possibly can to those least able to fight back.

    However, as always, we will share your plea as widely as possible in an effort to be of assistance.

    Hoping you get the funding to continue with your excellent work.


  3. Hi if that’s happening during the boot process can you access the bios before that starts and disable that function? Usually you have about 2 seconds to press a key (F2 on most, but it should tell you which key at bottom left of screen as soon as boot starts)

    1. Sadly no – it goes straight from black screen to that screen, no opportunity to press anything. They tried at the shop, no luck – it’s off for repairs now

  4. Would surmise a failed hard drive then. Hope you had any data you needed backed up!

  5. I’d love to make a donation but PayPal is not pals with me. Is there another way?

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